Coronavirus in Spain today | Fourth wave, alarm status, curfew, restrictions, vaccinations and last minute

La global coronavirus pandemic exceeds 2.7 million deaths worldwideor, according to the Johns Hopkins University baseline count. The number of infected amounts to more than 125 million people.

Spain coronavirus data: cases and deaths

The Ministry of Health reported this Wednesday of the latest data on the coronavirus in Spain and the Covid-19 has already left 76,037 dead and that 3,326,736 diagnosed cases have been registered since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

Coronavirus in Spain and in the world. latest news, live

09:30 The United States accumulates 559,066 deaths and 30,917,756 infections from covid-19

The United States reached 30,917,756 confirmed cases of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus and 559,066 deaths from the covid-19 disease this Wednesday, according to the independent count from Johns Hopkins University.

09:00 Update of the vaccination activity report in Spain

08:30 Carolina Darias: “This week we are going to receive around 328,000 new doses of Moderna’s vaccine”

08:00 EMA finds links between AstraZeneca vaccine and thrombi

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EMA Finds Links Between AstraZeneca Vaccine and Thrombi

07:30 Health agrees to suspend vaccination with AstraZeneca in children under 60 due to thrombi

It is still pending to solve what will happen with the 2,154,675 that have already received the first one. Most are under the age of 60 who will either inoculate themselves with another formula or are left with only 70% protection, which studies show offers only one dose. (Complete information in the newspaper El Mundo).

07:00 62 million doses of Janssen vaccine discarded: could be contaminated

The newspaper ‘The New York Times’ publishes that 62 million doses of the Janssen (Johnson & Johnson) coronavirus vaccine have been contaminated in its manufacturing process in Baltimore (United States) and must be disposed of and disposed of by Emergent BioSolutions .

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06:00 WhatsApp launches new stickers with the WHO: this is ‘Vaccines for all’

The WHO (World Health Organization) has launched a series of stickers (images to paste in messages) of WhatsApp to express feelings such as cure, relief or hope about vaccines against the coronavirus.

“The package of stickers’ Vaccines for All ‘(Vaccines for all), is already available on WhatsApp under the name of’ Vaccines for All,” they will report in a statement from WhatsApp.

05:00 Agreement between Health and communities to vaccinate people between 60 and 65 years old with AstraZeneca

The Ministry of Health has proposed to the autonomous communities inject the AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine only to those over 60 and up to age 65, age range to which other countries of the European Union can adjust.


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