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Bill Gates is optimistic and believes that the pandemic will bring good things to the world

The COVID-19 pandemic will be remembered as a harsh time full of suffering, fear and uncertainty. However, Bill Gates is optimistic and believes that he will bring very positive changes to the world. In an article published on his personal blog ‘Gates Notes’, the Microsoft founder assures that he is confident that the next generations will be more aware of prevention and health care.

Sierra Leone, an example

Gates talks in his article about David Moinina Sengeh, current director of innovation in Sierra Leone and the youngest Minister of Education in the history of the African country, whom he met when Sengeh was studying biomechanical engineering. In this sense, it highlights how the Government has managed to activate a resistant health protocol that has served to contain the coronavirus, despite the shortcomings and economic difficulties.

“David believes that Sierra Leone’s experience during the 2014 Ebola epidemic better prepared them for COVID-19. He credits the people of Sierra Leone for immediately understanding how important it was to have the virus under control. The population took quarantine restrictions seriously from the start. As a result, the country has kept the case count relatively low during the pandemic, ”says the businessman.

It also highlights Sierra Leone’s ability to apply technological tools in the fight against the pandemic. “Building on David’s work as CIO, Sierra Leone is using a robust data collection system to monitor COVID cases,” he notes. First, unwell people can text an automated system to check their symptoms. In addition, there is an application that guarantees the supply of resources for people who must quarantine. “In turn, local governments can use the data collected by these applications to make informed decisions about when to close things and when to reopen them,” he concludes.

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Hopeful future

“Sierra Leone’s ability to implement the lessons learned from its latest epidemic gives me hope,” reflects Gates, who recalls that, despite the strong impact the country suffered as a result of Ebola, “it emerged stronger and better prepared for future crises. of public health ”. “The same will happen in the world after COVID-19,” he predicts.

He also hopes that technology will acquire enormous relevance to fight future pandemics, as Sengeh believes: “COVID showed us that we have to use technologies that allow us to have an impact. This is an opportunity to restart, reinvent and rethink ”.


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