Coronavirus in Russia: the creator of cheeses “B.Yu. Aleksandrov” died, after the first dose of “Sputnik V” you can get sick

an hour ago

Russian businessman Boris Aleksandrov, known as the founder of the brand of curd glazed curd snacks “B.Yu. Aleksandrov”, died of the coronavirus. He did not believe in the real danger of Covid-19.

Russian publications, after analyzing closed databases, concluded that the official figures for the incidence of coronavirus and mortality from infection in the country were underestimated. In the Irkutsk region, the former head of the local Ministry of Health was detained on suspicion of supplying low-quality masks to hospitals together with his son. This and other news – in the BBC review.

There are much fewer recovered than sick

During the day in Russia, 26,338 new cases of coronavirus infection were detected, 368 people died. This is the lowest death toll in the past week.

The operational headquarters reported 17,247 recovered per day; over the past couple of days, their number has dropped dramatically, before the number of recovered people was approximately equal to the number of cases per day.

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