Coronavirus in Poland. Christmas Eve and holidays for up to five people

– This holiday is a time of hope, but also a test that will determine how many Polish companies will survive, how many families will avoid the drama of losing jobs – said on Saturday the deputy prime minister Jaroslaw Gowin. He announced a dialogue with business on subsequent decisions regarding the operation of the economy in a pandemic.

As he emphasized – during the joint with Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki at a press conference – Deputy Prime Minister Gowin, a great responsibility rests with each of us. – Ahead of us are the most important holidays for Poles during the year – Christmas holidays he said. He appealed on behalf of Polish entrepreneurs, trade unions and employees to make them “especially intimate”. – We should spend it among those who are really the closest of our loved ones – he emphasized.

The “especially intimate” nature of the holidays means that, in line with the new restrictions, up to five people can take part in home parties. This limit does not apply to people who live together.

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