Coronavirus in Navarra: the new positives fall to about thirty cases

Navarra Registration 33 new cases Covid-19 positives this Saturday, according to provisional data from the Health department. Assumes a notable decline compared to the previous day, specifically, there are 22 cases less than this Friday, in which there were 55 infections. In addition, there are eight more positives than 7 days ago, when 25 were registered; and 13 more than two weeks ago (then 20 were detected). So far this week cases have risen 50.9% (234-155).

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Throughout the week, in Navarra 55 cases were registered this Friday (3%), 23 positive on Thursday (1.5%), on Wednesday there were 45 infections (2.6%), on Tuesday 42 were detected (2 , 1%), and 36 cases on Monday with a positivity of 1.9%.

On this last day, Leitza tops the daily list with 4 positives. They follow him Sangüesa and the neighborhood of II Ensanche with 3 each. The rest ranges from one to two more cases.


Navarra registered 55 new cases of covid-19 this Friday, an evident increase compared to the 23 detected the previous day, with respect to which the positivity also doubles to 3%.

According to the data provided by the Government of Navarra, the 55 cases have been detected in 1,822 tests carried out, and the 22 new positives in Pamplona stand out in quantity, with 9 of them in the Mendillorri neighborhood and 4 in the Segundo Ensanche, while As for the rest of Navarra, there are 6 diagnoses in Sangüesa and 3 new cases in Burlada.

With all this, to date there are 24 patients admitted for covid-19, of which 7 are in the ICU, one more than yesterday, and no death derived from the disease has been registered.

Regarding the vaccination process, yesterday 282 new doses were administered in Navarra, where there are already 524,923 people with the complete vaccination, as 994,517 doses have been inoculated since the beginning, in December 2020.

Tomorrow, PLUS THIRD DOSE AND FLU VACCINE The Department of Health will begin to administer the third dose of the vaccine tomorrow to people over 70 years of age and those considered to be at very high risk, who will receive this third dose against covid-19 at the same time as the flu vaccine.

Vaccination will be carried out mainly in health centers, with support for certain situations from the vaccination point located in Forem.

Induráin defends the second dose to those vaccinated with Janssen The Minister of Health, Santos Induráin, took advantage of the act of the Navarra Breast Cancer Association to talk about the administration of the second dose to those vaccinated with Janssen, something that will foreseeably be approved by the Ministry of Health this Tuesday. “This proposal has been taken to the Public Health commission, which meets next week, by the Vaccine Committee, which are the technicians at the interterritorial level. Navarra’s position is going to be favorable to putting a second dose to reinforce the efficacy, as it is being considered and as it has been talking for a while, “he explained.

“In principle, putting another dose is being done with the most vulnerable population, with the population whose immunity had to be strengthened. That is why it began with users residing in centers for the elderly, with people who had more immunity. it falls due to other health problems, and now due to age, “said the counselor, who warned of the importance of advancing vaccination in other countries. “Before moving forward there is an issue that I think is quite crucial. This is a pandemic and a global vaccination is very necessary. Before continuing to expand, we must vaccinate the population of other countries, because otherwise there will be other variants and the pandemic it will take much longer to finish, “he said.

“Navarra is in favor of a second dose in those vaccinated with Janssen to reinforce its efficacy”

Saints Indurain

Health Counselor



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