Coronavirus in Navarra, last minute: 56 cases on Saturday, with positivity exceeding 5% for the first time in more than a month and a half

Navarra registered on saturday october 30 56 new cases of Covid-19 infection, according to data from the Institute of Public and Labor Health, after performing 961 tests with a 5.8% positivity rate, the first time that 5% has been exceeded since September 11. 8 more cases than the previous day and above the 33 of 7 days ago and the 25 of 14. Therefore, the slight increase in positives of the last dates is maintained, with a rise so far this week of 13% (265-234).

By a impact on computer systems, the provisional data published by Health first thing in the morning today were not exact as it did not fully collect all the inputs from the previous day. Yesterday’s 56 cases are the highest number registered in Navarra since the 81 of September 8.

Regarding the hospital situation, stability is still the guideline. Last week there were 24 people admitted for Covid-19, of which 8 were in the ICU, and a week later they are 21, 7 in intensive care. Yesterday there was a new admission and no deaths were reported.

As for the vaccination process, 492 vaccines were administered yesterday. In this way, in Navarra 1,012,671 doses have already been inoculated and 525,856 people have the complete regimen.

The Minister of Health, Saints Indurain, speak in a interview for DIARIO DE NOTICIAS published this weekend of the challenges that his department faces during this second half of the legislature, once the page has been turned with the coronavirus, although he remembers that the ‘bug’ still “remains among us.” Induráin considers that there may be more waves, but they will probably be “smaller waves without the commitment to the health system that we have known, because the evolution of the incidence is oscillating in peaks, but the situation of the health system is totally different.” You can read the complete interview here.

Yesterday Pamplona reported 25 infections, half of the daily total, 5 in the II Ensanche and in Zizur-Etxabakoitz, and 4 in Rotxapea. Monreal / Elo reported 5 infections, Lantz 3, Burlada, Cárcar and Zizur two, and Altsasu, Allo, Ayegui, Arre, Larraga, Lekunberri, Lodosa, Milagro, San Adrián and Villafranca only one.

VACCINATION IN THE STATE A total of 962,373 people have already received the third booster dose of the covid-19 vaccine that, at the moment, is being administered to the group over 70 years of age, to people living in nursing homes and patients with a medical history high-risk.

According to the vaccination report made public this Saturday by the Ministry of Health and which updates the data provided this Friday by the autonomous communities, 25 percent of almost this million vaccines (243,067) have been administered in Andalusia; 121,271 in Catalonia and 115,792 in the Community of Madrid. In Navarra, 17,395 have been administered.

They will be joined in mid-November by the 1.9 million people vaccinated with the Janssen single-dose who, in this case, will receive a second booster serum from Pfizer or Moderna, also starting with those over 70 years of age.

According to today’s report, 78.6 percent of the Spanish population already has the complete regimen and 80.2 percent have at least one dose.

If the reference is the target population, that is, those likely to be vaccinated (all except those under 12 years of age for whom the covid vaccine is not yet authorized), the percentage with a complete schedule rises to 88.6 percent. and 90.3 percent when it comes to a single dose.

By age groups, among young people between 12 and 19 years old, the complete pattern is already 82.5 percent, while those between 20 and 29 years old the percentage drops a little to 77.4 percent.

A WEEK OF HOLIDAY IN RUSSIA Russians “enjoy” since yesterday a week of paid vacation by decree of the president, Vladimir Putin, who wants to put a stop to the advance of the coronavirus pandemic amid daily records of cases and deaths due to the reluctance of many citizens to get vaccinated and meet health standards. The pandemic worries the continent, mainly in Central Europe, which is not spared the rebound in infections either.

Putin has taken advantage of the bridge of the Day of Unity of the People of Russia on November 4 to stretch the non-working days throughout the country, where today there has been another maximum since the start of the pandemic with 40,251 new infections.

It is the second time in a week that new infections have surpassed the 40,000 mark in the 85 regions of the country.

In turn, there were 1,160 deaths, only three less than on Friday, when deaths from covid-19 marked a new daily maximum.

A BLACK OCTOBER The statistics agency Rosstat said the day before that 44,265 people died from coronavirus in the month of September alone, a figure lower than in August and July, but almost double than in June.

This figure would raise the total of deaths in the pandemic so far to about 450,000, almost double the 237,380 that the Government collects.

And the data for October have not yet been published, a black month in view of the daily records that it has chained for weeks.

So far the Russian authorities have avoided imposing a lockdown and shutdown of the economy as they did for a few months in 2020.

The Russian leader gave the regions the option of advancing a few days and extending paid vacations beyond November 7 according to their epidemic situation.

In six regions, Voronezh, Nizhny Novogorod, Novogorod, Kursk, Samara and Perm, non-working days entered into force on the 25th, while in another seven, in particular in Moscow and the Moscow region, the Baltic enclave of Kaliningrad , Adygea, Khakassia, Smolensk and Rostov, the measure started already on Thursday.

In most Russian entities, measures such as the closure of non-essential businesses and businesses have been implemented alongside paid holidays, as is the case in Moscow.

Massive sporting, cultural and entertainment events are also prohibited, kindergartens and schools have been closed, and visitors to museums and theaters – which can only hold half the capacity – are forced to show the QR code that shows that they are vaccinated or they have passed the disease.



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