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A massive party with famous singers and models has generated outrage in Medellín for being a clear violation of quarantine, just at the moment when the Antioquia capital is going through its worst time due to the coronavirus crisis.

The day of the event, Antioquia reported 57 deaths from covid-19 and 1,389 new cases of coronavirus.

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The reason for the mega-party was the birthday of Lili Calderón and Daniel Calderón, singer from Vallenato. They decided to hold this event despite the recommendations of the health professionals in Medellín.

The event was attended by artists of the stature of Nelson Velásquez, the vallenato singer of the popular Inquietos; Hebert Vargas and Luis Cueto.

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Users on social networks expressed their outrage and labeled Mayor Daniel Quintero in their publications, in order to act to punish this reprehensible act for the moment when it occurs, since many people must be locked up in their houses and under prohibitions, while influencers and celebrities hold events of this magnitude.

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In the videos it can be seen that they consume alcoholic beverages and do not keep distance or use items such as face masks.

In the Instagram states of the model e influence Manuela Ospina, it can be confirmed that the event happened recently. Just like Lili Calderón’s Instagram account.

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EL TIEMPO contacted one of the party’s attendees, who confirmed some details, but declined to answer why she attended a massive quarantined event.

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The authorities have received no complaints

As a result of the outrage that is causing on social networks the party starring the vallenato singers Daniel Calderón, Hebert Vargas, Luis Cueto and Nelson Velásquez, in which they have broken the quarantine, the Ministry of Security of Medellín has reported that, until the Currently, no complaints have been received.

“Until now there is no official report, of when it was or where it went”, explained this dependency.

On the other hand, the Metropolitan Police of Valle de Aburrá has not given a report on what happened. If a fault was committed, the singers and participants of the party would be fined for violating the sanitary measure, the sum is $ 936,000.


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