Coronavirus in Italy, 73 deaths and 9,338 cases but with less than 100 thousand swabs. The positives are over 134 thousand

Coronavirus in Italy, the bulletin today Monday 19 October of the Ministry of Health. The new positives continue to increase, which in the last 24 hours they amount to 9,338, with 98,862 swabs (yesterday there were 11,705 with 146,541 swabs): 73 instead the deaths (yesterday there were 69). With 1,498 more discharged / healed, the currently positives still rise to 134,003 (7,766 more than yesterday, when the increase was 9,302 units).

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The total of the victims of Covid-19 rises to 36,616, while the total number of cases is 423,578. Of the 73 dead, 21 come from Campania, 12 from Tuscany, 9 from Lazio, 6 from Lombardy, 5 from Piedmont and Liguria and 4 from Puglia. Lombardy (2,975) is close to three thousand cases per day, followed by three regions over a thousand cases, Campania (1,376), Lazio (1,198) and Piedmont (1,123). No zero contagion region, only four under one hundred cases (Calabria, Valle d’Aosta, Basilicata and Molise).


Covid-19 cases in Italy since the beginning of the emergency are now 423,578 (9,338 more than yesterday), of which 36,616 dead and 252,959 discharged and healed, 1,498 in the last twenty-four hours. The number of currently positive in our country it is 134,003, yesterday it was 126,237, one increase of 7,766 units.

I’m 797 the sick in intensive care (yesterday they were 750). THE 7,676 hospitalized with symptoms, 545 more than yesterday, and people in home isolation are 125,530 (7,174 more). The swabs carried out to date are 13,639,444, of which 98,862 in the last day (yesterday there were 146,541). The number of people actually tested is 8,265,568. Remember that each person can be subjected to more than one tampon.

Last update: Monday 19 October 2020, 18:52



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