Coronavirus, in France, exceeded 10 thousand infections in 24 hours

France exceeds the threshold of 10 thousand infections in one day. There are 10,561 new cases of coronavirus (compared to 9,406 new cases), a record since sweeping tests began throughout the country. The positivity rate, reports the Ministry of Health, remains stable at 5.4%. The victims of the last 24 hours are 17.

The deaths since the beginning of the epidemic they amount to 30,910 with 17 more deaths in 24 hours; and the positive rate (on the made tampons) at 5.2%. There were 86 sources of contagion located in the last 24 hours, in addition to the 772 already identified in the country. In the last week there have been 2,432 hospital admissions, of which 417 entered intensive care in serious condition. The worsening of the health situation, confirmed Friday by the government after a Defense Council led the authorities to declare 77 of the country’s 101 departments in a situation of vulnerability.

The executive yesterday decided to streamline the diagnostic circuits creating special programs for vulnerable people, those who have symptoms or are more exposed to the virus. The government has also approved a reduction in quarantine time, gone from 14 to 7 days. In this context, today there has been a new mobilization of the yellow vests which, according to government data, has gathered just 6 thousand people across the country (2,500 in Paris alone).
Yesterday the French Prime Minister Jean Castex, in a public speech, he had turned to the French to recommend more attention in fighting the epidemic and spoke of manifest worsening. But the line remains that of living with the virus while intensifying and streamlining screening procedures.

The European country with the highest number of infections Spain: 566,326 the global number of cases since the epidemic started. Precisely followed by France with 402,783 cases (here the global map of the infection)

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