Coronavirus in Elda | A teacher from the public school Father Manjón tests positive

Aprofessorfrom public schoolFather Manjón de Eldahas tested positive inCovid-19. He is in good health and is isolated at home under medical supervision byPublic health.

As reported by theAMPA, they are already takingnecessary measuresto control the possible appearance of new cases among the students and teaching staff. The maximum is requested from the centercollaborationparents to report any new cases ofcoronavirus.

Meanwhile the entire educational community will“normal life”although it is recommended to avoidclose contactsand extremehygiene measuresto avoid more infections. It is also advisable to stay home and notify the health service if you haveFrequent and repetitive cough, choking sensation, severe headache, fever over 37 degrees, and acute sore throat.

As a measureexceptionaland preventive the school will suspend allexcursions and meetingsgeneral plans until the health emergency is remitting.

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