Coronavirus in Belgium: the crisis center warns against “false information circulating”

The crisis center held its usual press conference to communicate the evolution of the epidemic in our country. The authorities took the opportunity to warn the population about false information circulating on social networks, claiming that the coronavirus is only an invention.

“A lot of people are fed up with the coronavirus. There is a tendency to seek out and criticize the culprits and all the measures that are taken. Some who are tired of the measures even come to doubt the spread of the virus and the severity of it. infection. Many misconceptions are circulating and the conspiracy theory is going through a good time “, said spokeswoman Frédérique Jacobs.

She warned the population against these false rumors recalling that the virus was present and dangerous. “All these reactions are understandable because the virus is invisible. But this crisis is very real and we must solve this problem together “, she clarified.

New infections in all age groups

The crisis center reiterated the importance of respecting barrier measures and gestures. Young people, who may feel less in danger from the virus, must also ensure that all these rules are followed. “They can transmit the virus,” insisted Frédérique Jacobs.

The number of new infections is on the rise. This increase is visible in almost all provinces. New cases are emerging in all age groups, says Sciensano.

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