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Coronavirus in Arequipa: “It is worse than hell, people come to the hospital alive and die” | lrsd | Society


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Again the Honorio Delgado Espinoza hospital collapsed from COVID-19 patients and of suspects. Facility health personnel were unable to stock up to attend to them Wednesday night. Ricardo calculates that they waited for dozens outdoors, including their 73-year-old father, who is also called Ricardo. He arrived at 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday with his father and they only attended him at midnight. To protect him from the cold he left it in his car, from there he connected to his oxygen balloon.

“It is worse than hell. I never imagined that such a thing would exist. It’s amazing to see people alive and dead. It is the worst that can happen ”, confesses Ricardo. They applied the Quick test and it came out positive.

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“More or less 80 patients arrived (that night). Some were not so serious, they were waiting but they are gone. Those who stayed have fallen asleep on the floor.” He adds that even in the course of the night a patient in his mobility arrived lifeless. “It was horrible,” he says.

Others were not fortunate enough to be garrisoned in a car, like Fernando, 68. It also arrived on Wednesday night. Although he tested negative for two rapid tests applied in different clinics in the city, it has all the symptoms. Her son Daniel brought her a mattress at 2 a.m. so she doesn’t have to wait in a chair for a bed all night. He is connected to a ball and Daniel hopes he will recover.

“He has a fever and now he was starting to cough. He still has muscle pain and rapid breathing. There are moments when he starts to tremble,” Daniel testifies about his father resting on the mattress.

On average more than 15 patients woke up for Thursday next to their oxygen balloon in the open. Two with mattresses and others sitting or on the floor. Some with luck entered one of the tents that are still full of infected. Some relatives try to comfort their sickOthers have a desperate face about what happens.

From pandemic Venezuelans are not spared either. José brought his 29-year-old wife, Carmen, because he had breathing problems. She tested positive coronavirus and he also had to endure the cold of the night in a chair breathing from a balloon.

Angelica, 54, complains. Her elderly father also waits in a wheelchair several hours ago to be confirmed if he has coronavirus. She’s on assisted breathing. “He only had one decompensation and is already suspected of coronavirus. They made him rapid tests and it came out negative. What if you catch it waiting here, ”he claims.

All the relatives complain about the lack of staff. “Three nurses for so many patients at night. It can’t be ”, she laments.

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Sad record, 872 infected in a single day in Arequipa

The figures of coronavirus they keep shooting. In the past 24 hours, 872 new cases were detected, the total accumulated being 14,246 in the region. Arequipa. Such a quantity is unfortunately a record, no such quantity was ever reported. infected.

While passed away 5 more people, bringing the total number to 352 deaths. They all perished in the COVID-19 Honorio Delgado hospital.

The Epidemiology Directorate of the Regional Health Management reported that so far 193,916 samples have been processed, of which 179,626 were negative. 6310 were also recovered.


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