Coronavirus: Grocery stores, pharmacies and petrol stations in Dresden continue to open, almost everything else!

Coronavirus in Dresden: Stricter regulations apply from Thursday, March 19, 2020. Playgrounds, public facilities and more will then close.

Dresden – It’s getting serious: The nationwide package of measures to protect against corona will apply in Saxony from midnight on Thursday morning. Kern: All food markets remain open, playgrounds and almost all public facilities must be closed!

Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer (44, CDU). © Petra Hornig

“The number of sick people continues to increase,” said Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer (44, CDU). In order to finally slow or even stop the spread of coronavirus in the next ten to 14 days, there is no other solution than these “drastic” measures.

After all, almost 250 people (as of March 18) are infected in Saxony, thousands in quarantine.

Kretschmer asked for understanding that all shops that are not used for basic services must close, including clothing stores.

In any case, ALL grocery stores remain open – even on Sundays, if this is possible with staff!

Agriculture Minister Wolfram Günther (46, Greens) added: “The supply is secured. Every shelf is reliably refilled.” It is important to shop sensibly and not to create problems artificially by buying hamsters.

Services of general interest are also guaranteed, according to Günther, i.e. water / sewage, energy, disposal.

Claudia Greifenhahn (52) from the shop café aha on Kreuzstraße is still open.

Claudia Greifenhahn (52) from the shop café aha on Kreuzstraße is still open. © Steffen Füssel

Restaurants that may continue to be open daily should also contribute to secure supplies; Although only 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., deliveries from the gas facilities are permitted for after 6 p.m. Order and delivery services are also allowed to work, as are craftsmen, hairdressers and petrol stations. Pharmacies and drug stores anyway.

Beverage markets remain open. Also hardware stores and markets for animal needs. However, it can happen everywhere that only a certain amount of customers are admitted, says Kretschmer.

Churches are still open, but without worship. All measures in Saxony will initially apply until April 20. Info:

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