Coronavirus: government wants to block sales of domestic companies

The Federal government prepares an investment control law. Margarete Schramböck announces this in conversation with the KURIER. This is to ensure that strategically important Austrian companies are now not swallowed by companies from non-EU countries.

It is all about protecting companies with so-called critical infrastructure. This includes the areas of energy, water, food production, technology, transport or health.

The threshold is lowered

So far, foreign holdings from non-EU countries in Austrian companies with 25 percent or more have had to report. But nothing more. This threshold should now be lowered to ten percent, said Schramböck. In addition, it will Ministry of Economy Check the investments and if necessary press the stop button.

And what is the motive for the law? “The corona crisis shows that we are too dependent on distant markets in some areas, such as pharmaceuticals,” says Schramböck. That is why the country’s security of supply and competitiveness must be ensured right now.

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