Coronavirus Gb, new peak of infections: over 4,400 in 24 hours | London march against lockdown

19 September 2020 19:01

Despite the increasingly growing numbers of the pandemic, protests against the restrictions and the new blockade decided by the government for some areas of the country

Demonstration against lockdown Tension in the capital due to scuffles between demonstrators and police. The march was against the measures of the new lockdown (decided in some areas of the Pase) and against the restrictions adopted by the government. In Trafalgar Square, demonstrators formed human chains in front of officers to prevent arrests. Moments of tension also at the National Gallery. Among the demonstrators were seen T-shirts with writings also on the 5G plot and in support of the legalization of cannabis.

Premier Johnson evaluates new restrictions Prime Minister Boris Johnson is working this weekend to consider whether to tighten anti-Covid-19 measures, after stating that the UK is “facing a second wave now”.
Media reports that the government plans to ban reunions between different families and reduce pub opening hours. At least 13 million people in the country, one in five Britons, are already subject to local restrictions. Johnson has the power to directly impose other restrictions only in England, while he must let the governments of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland choose their territories.


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