Coronavirus: Galicia increases new infections to 332 and active cases stand at 4,364 | Radio Lugo

The health authorities have detected in the last day a rebound in infections in Galicia, with 332 positives, a figure that doubles that of the previous day and with which active cases in the community now stand at 4,364.

This is reflected in the daily part of the Department of Health, which reflects the influence of coronavirus infections detected in the residence of Outeiro de Rei, which, along with others identified in Galicia, have broken the downward trend that the detection of new cases presented in recent days, which this Tuesday fell to 161.

Total, Galicia has 4,364 active cases this Wednesday, 134 more than Tuesday. Further, there have been 14,158 discharges, 193 more than the previous day, and 668 deaths have been reported, the last two users of the O Incio and Outeiro de Rei residences and two men admitted to the Santiago Clinic and the Lucus Augusti Hospital.

The area that registers the greatest increase in the number of active cases is Lugo, where there are 119 more than 24 hours ago, up to 920. A Coruña, for its part, is the one that continues to have more cases of COVID-19, 1,424, although it only increases them by 11.

In addition, the Pontevedra O Salnés area increases in eight active cases, to 379, and that of Ferrol in six, to 176. For its part, the Ourense health area decreases its number of active cases in five, to 462, that of Santiago-A Barbanza decreased by three, to 659, and that of Vigo decreased by two, to 344.

The number of PCRs carried out since the beginning of the pandemic by the Galician health authorities stands at 374,635, which is 4,637 more than in the previous part.

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