Coronavirus. Felgueiras company employee hospitalized in São João

Initially reported as being a 45-year-old Portuguese businessman, RTP is now in a position to say that he is a 62-year-old Italian citizen, an employee of a company in Felgueiras, who has a respiratory infection. It is within the window of fourteen days of incubation and will now be isolated until the analysis is complete.

The transport was carried out by INEM, as is agreed in the protocol of the General Health Directorate for (suspected) cases of coronavirus.

The blood tests will be sent to the Ricardo Jorge Institute and there should be confirmation on suspicion during the morning of Saturday.

This is the second suspected case in Portugal. The first, sent to Curry Cabral 6 days ago, was negative.

São João is the referral hospital in the North for cases of people suspected of having coronavirus infection.


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