Coronavirus: End of the crisis: transport is preparing for it – Switzerland

Public transport will gradually expand its offer again in the coming weeks. The first changes will take place from April 27, wrote the Federal Office of Transport (OFT) on Monday. SBB and PostBus are developing a protection concept for passengers and staff.

The first extension on April 27 will be at the regional transport level. It will be followed by a second, more extensive stage with a more extensive supply on May 11, when compulsory schools and shops will reopen, according to the plan to end the crisis announced last week by the Federal Council.

SBB and PostBus Switzerland are currently developing the concepts to return to the regular timetable offer. At the same time, they are developing measures to protect the health of travelers and employees in public transport.

National coordination

These two companies, with the support of the OFT, must ensure that the measures are implemented in a harmonized and coordinated manner at national level. As soon as the planning is finished, they will communicate the procedure to follow in practice.
Social removal and hygiene measures remain topical and remain important, recalls the OFT. Vulnerable people must continue to stay at home. The measures and recommendations for behavior are placed under the aegis of the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH). This also applies to the use of public transport. (ats / nxp)

Created: 04/20/2010, 7:03 p.m.

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