Coronavirus emergency. “We need doctors in the Medicine department” –

Covid emergency in hospital: “We need doctors in the Medicine department”
After the infections, the appeal made by the director Marras to all the health workers of the Assl of Oristano


After the spread of coronavirus infections at the San Martino hospital in Oristano, the director of the Asl Valentina Marras appealed to all the doctors involved in the various services of the ASL of Oristano, to offer their willingness to come to the rescue to their colleagues in the Medicine department.

With a communication sent yesterday, each of them is reminded of the emergency that has arisen in the ward, where “further cases of covid positivity have arisen” and the doctors available to offer themselves to cover a few shifts are invited.

In the Medicine ward, closed since yesterday to new hospitalizations, yesterday over half of the total infections of San Martino were recorded. Sixteen patients, a doctor, five nurses and six health and social workers have been learned.

Despite the recent arrival of two young doctors, the staff of the ward is seriously underpowered and, of course, struggling to cope with the high number of infected patients.

Friday, December 4, 2020

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