Coronavirus: Do supermarket chains now have to close due to a pandemic?

Coronavirus: Do these large supermarket chains have to close now because of the pandemic?

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Because of the corona virus, many shelves remain empty. Aldi, Kaufland or Edeka have therefore reacted.

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People in Germany feel the effects of the Corona virus Clearly: Events are canceled, the Bundesliga is paused, supermarket customers stock up with canned food and toilet paper.

Will these hamster purchases soon be over? The rumor is currently circulating that some branches of the Kaufland supermarket chain may be due to the Corona virus have to shut down. Now Kaufland has commented on the claims.

Does Kaufland close branches because of the corona virus?

On Facebook, Kaufland cleans up in the rumor mill: “With all the hustle and bustle of Corona, there are increasing false reports. Rumor has it that Kaufland branches are closing. “

Fortunately, there is no truth to this rumor, because the supermarket chain gives the all-clear: all branches are open regularly.

Kaufland makes another important appeal to all customers: “Don’t let yourself go crazy”!


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Customers are happy about the commitment of the Kaufland employees

The positive message was well received by customers: More than 8700 people left a “like” for the posting, more than 2400 wrote a comment.

Many of them take their hats off to the employees: “Thanks to everyone who works there. They are exposed to the virus there every day …”, writes a worried customer.

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Aldi Süd, Edeka and Rewe also react

Aldi Süd has now also taken a clear position on Facebook: “Of course, all of our 1930 branches remain open for you to offer you everyday products.” Do everything you can to ensure the availability of goods. “If there are temporary supply bottlenecks for individual products, we ask for your understanding now.” Rewe emphasizes on Facebook: “Our markets are and will remain open for you at the usual times.”

And Edeka writes: “We are observing that there is an increased demand in some product ranges, such as durable foods such as pasta and canned goods or also hygiene products. Nevertheless, we can continue to guarantee the daily supply of the markets with sufficient goods through our logistics centers. ”

Customers and employees annoyed by hamster purchases

Previously, hamster purchases in the context of the spread of the coronavirus caused frustration among those customers who went away empty-handed. The employees also suffer from the tense situation in their branches. One of them cleared their anger in a viral video. >> Here << you can read the whole story. (vh)

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