Coronavirus: “Crocodile Dundee” actor Mark Blum is dead


  • The corona virus is spreading, and celebrities around the world are infected
  • “Crocodile Dundee” actor Mark Blum has died of coronavirus
  • Top model Heidi Klum was tested negative for the coronavirus after suspicion
  • Hollywood actor Idris Elba and his wife Sabrina have Covid-19
  • Tom Hanks and wife Rita Wilson are on the way to recovery
  • In Germany, Johannes B. Kerner, Cem Özdemir, Oliver Pocher and his wife Amira and FDP parliamentary group leader Alexander Graf Lambsdorff have tested positive
  • Former Union faction leader Friedrich Merz has also contracted the virus
  • How are the celebrities in quarantine? How much does she take the illness with her? We have collected the statements of prominent infected people

The corona virus appears to be spreading inexorably. More and more celebrities are reporting that they are infected. Now there is even the first death in Hollywood.

Coronavirus: Mark Blum died of complications

He became known for films such as “Desperately Seeking Susan” and “Crocodile Dundee” – now he is the New York film and theater actor Mark Blum in the aftermath of Corona virus died. His infection led to complications, which the 69-year-old finally succumbed to, the actor union Screen Actors Guild said on Thursday (local time).

Blum played regularly in the New York off-Broadway theater “Playwright Horizons”, which expressed the grief of his colleagues on Twitter: “Thank you for everything you did for our theater, Mark,” it says. “We will miss you.” In addition, the New York house published some scenes of old stage plays.

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Prince Charles has tested positive

The British heir to the throne, Prince Charles (71), had also tested positive for the novel corona virus, as the palace announced. But he had only mild symptoms and was otherwise in good health, it was said.

He is the second royal corona case. Was before Prince Albert II Monaco tested positive for the Sars-CoV-2 virus. The state of health of the 62-year-old did not give cause for concern, said the Princely Palace. The prince continued his work in the office of his private apartment and was in constant contact with the members of his cabinet and his closest associates, the message said.

Heidi Klum is not infected

“Germany’s next top model” presenter Heidi Klum had commented on her test result on Instagram on Tuesday. This is her 14th day at home, she wrote on the hashtag “# covid_19negative”. When asked by a fan how she felt, Klum replied: “Much better, thank you. I just have a bad cold and try to get over it. ”

The German top model had announced in mid-March that she was lying in bed with cold-like symptoms and isolating herself at home. She had been tested on Sars-CoV-2 and was waiting for the result, she announced later. Klum’s husband, musician Tom Kaulitz (30), did not feel good and also did a test. But that was negative, as Klum and Tom’s twin brother Bill Kaulitz later wrote on Instagram.

Cem Özdemir and Friedrich Merz are doing well

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Cem Ozdemir posted a video on Instagram last week announcing his infection. He wanted to make his contagion public “to make it clear that each and every one of us can be infected”.

The 54-year-old survived the worst. “Fortunately, the symptoms disappeared relatively quickly and at first glance did not suggest infection with Covid-19,” said Özdemir of the “Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung”. Özdemir emphasized that he would remain at home.

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“It goes without saying and the least that each of us must do to prevent the virus from spreading and thus to protect the particularly vulnerable.” But precisely because the new disease is so different, “we should definitely increase the test capacity” Özdemir demanded. In this regard, Germany can take an example from South Korea.

Friedrich Merz had already announced at the beginning of last week: “A Corona test carried out on Sunday is positive.” The politician is already doing better, but he must remain in quarantine for another week, as he announced on Twitter.

Oliver Pocher and wife Amira are in quarantine

Comedian Oliver Pocher and Ms. Amira have also tested positive for the corona virus and are in quarantine, the comedian said on Twitter. He is fine, he only has a dry cough.

Coronavirus: Idris Elba and his wife are infected

Even before the potential next James Bond, Idris Elba, the virus didn’t stop. The British actor (47, “Fast Furious: Hobbs Shaw”, “Thor: Day of Decision”) is also infected with the corona virus.

Elba had announced his infection in a video message on Twitter. The actor explained that he was okay and had previously had no symptoms of illness. He got tested after contacting someone who had Covid-19. He is in Self-quarantine.

His wife, Sabrina Dhowre-Elba, was also infected with the corona virus. This was said by the model of the US talk show host Oprah Winfrey – less than a week after her husband announced his infection with Sars-CoV-2.

The 31-year-old Dhowre-Elba said in a face-to-face conversation with Winfrey for the show “Oprah Talks” that she was not surprised by the contagion: she wanted to take care of her husband instead of living separately from him. She doesn’t have any symptoms of illness.

Coronavirus: Tom Hanks and wife Rita on the road to recovery

The Hollywood star infected with the corona virus Tom Hanks (63) and his wife Rita Wilson are on the way to recovery.

“Hey guys, two weeks after our first symptoms we feel better,” the US actor wrote on Twitter.

A week after the positive coronavirus test, the US actor had already left the isolation ward in a hospital in the East Australian state of Queensland.

Hanks had traveled to Australia for filming a biography of Elvis Presley. The actor, known from films such as “Forrest Gump” and “Philadelphia”, was to play in the film by Australian director Baz Luhrmann Presley’s longtime manager Colonel Tom Parker. Film production was suspended due to Hanks ’coronavirus infection.

Hank’s wife, actress, singer and composer, gave concerts at the Sydney Opera House and Brisbane before being diagnosed with coronavirus. She also appeared on a popular television show.

Corona virus: Game of Thrones star sick

The Norwegian actor too Kristofer Hivju (41, “Game of Thrones”) had announced a Covid 19 diagnosis on Instagram. He had only mild symptoms, like a cold, the actor wrote. He would isolate himself with his family for as long as necessary.

Actress and model Olga Kurylenko (40, “James Bond: A Quantum of Consolation”) is now recovering and feels good again, as she announced on Instagram. She felt “pretty bad for a week” and was very tired in the second week of the illness.

Coronavirus: Johannes B. Kerner takes infection calmly

TV presenter is also forced to stay at home Johannes B. Kerner. The former Talkmaster is infected, as the 55-year-old wrote on Instagram. The positive test result came as a surprise to him, but: “I am doing very well, I have practically no symptoms.”

Recently, Kerner wrote, he was in two risk areas. In addition, two people from his private environment were tested positive. “Unfortunately, the doctor’s suspicion was confirmed. All the power for nursing staff and all help and all good thoughts for those who are seriously ill still apply, ”Kerner writes.

He appealed: As the person concerned, he wanted to encourage everyone to behave very carefully, to keep their distance and to have as little direct social contact as possible. “We are responsible for ensuring that the sick, the elderly and weaker people do not have to face an additional danger.”

Coronavirus: Justin Trudeau’s wife and German politicians also infected

Also infected: the wife of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau. Sophie Grégoire Trudeau will remain isolated for the time being. However, she feels good and has only mild symptoms of Covid-19 lung disease.

Justin Trudeau wrote on Twitter that his wife is taking care of himself and following the doctor’s advice.

Also the FDP faction vice Alexander Graf Lambsdorff was tested positive. “Even though I followed all hygiene recommendations, I got infected,” Lambsdorff told Der Spiegel.

He is therefore in self-isolation. Other members of the parliamentary group executive are in quarantine.

Coronavirus: Opera star Plácido Domingo is also infected

The Spanish opera star Plácido Domingo has reported positive results for the Sars-CoV-2 virus. “I think it’s my moral duty to tell you that I tested positive for Covid-19,” the 79-year-old wrote on his Facebook page. He is in self-isolation with his family.

“We are currently in good health, but I had symptoms like fever and cough, so I decided to get tested,” said Domingo. The singer asked everyone to be very careful, to follow the instructions of the respective governments and to stay at home as much as possible “so that we can hopefully get back to our normal everyday life soon”.

Professional footballer infected with coronavirus

Of the SC Paderborn was the first team in the Bundesliga to go into quarantine after the positive coronavirus finding for player Luca Kilian. Previously, Timo Hübers had already joined the second division Hannover 96 tested positive. Since then, quarantine has been ordered for some professional teams.

The team of the Berlin Bundesliga team Hertha BSC has been in quarantine for a total of two weeks since last Tuesday after a player was found to be positive for the corona virus. However, there were no other positive findings.

At Eintracht Frankfurt All players, coaches, supervisors and officials are in quarantine for two weeks after there have been four positive coronavirus cases, including two players, in Hessen. Also players and coaches of the 1. FC Nürnberg have been in quarantine since defender Fabian Nürnberger tested positive for Sars-CoV-2 just two weeks ago. Since then everyone has been working at home, the club has supplied fitness equipment such as a bicycle ergometer and provides psychological support.

(lhel / les / pek / dpa)

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