Coronavirus Covid-19: caregivers are asked to close it at the Montpellier and Nîmes teaching hospitals

On the courtyard side, there are the French who pay tribute to the caregivers with applause every evening, on the garden side, these “heroes” in white coats are asked to close it.

Posted on Mar 27, 20 at 10:56 p.m.
| Modified on Mar 27 20 at 23:14

The urgent call from Samu 34: a photo prohibited for the Montpellier University Hospital? (© Facebook)

Large media operation, again, this Friday at Montpellier University Hospital, health crisis related to Covid-19 coronavirus requires: transparency is played live, via videoconference, during which the current assessment is presented, through figures, which attest that the contamination is spreading.

The Montpellier University Hospital even discloses this information, which is of course provisional: 48 caregivers, including 17 doctors – some stationed at Smur-Samu– have been tested positive. A resuscitator of the Samu 34 was in reinforcement to the ’Béziers hospital, when he was infected, it is at least an internal testimony that assures him Metropolitan. The editorial staff has confirmed this.

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A national tribute

This information, which goes back to the press daily, outside of official channels – the CHU at very long press conferences and press releases every evening from the Occitanie Regional Health Agency – is very displeasing.

On the front line to be at the bedside of the sick, these are the caregivers who also find themselves at the head of the reproaches addressed by their hierarchy. On the courtyard side, thanks to the French who applaud them and make noise every evening at dinner time, the white blouses are at the heart of a unanimous national tribute, via an extraordinary surge of solidarity. Never seen. Comforting gestures, while the epidemic peak is announced for next week.

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Two notes

On the garden side, these carers suffer in silence and not only because they multiply the sacrifices to save a maximum of lives, but, in particular by the attitude towards them of their hierarchy. Two internal notes were sent during the week by the management of the Montpellier and Nîmes teaching hospitals. Clearly, caregivers are asked to close it.

On March 19, in the memorandum n ° 2020, the director general of the CHU Carémeau in Nîmes, his assistant and professor Jean-Emmanuel de La Coussaye -president of the Medical Commission of Establishment order the personnel, “In case of death of a patient caused by the Covid-19 virus, the warden must be informed immediately. It is strictly forbidden to communicate on this subject outside the Nîmes teaching hospital “.

Don’t undermine morale, but …

Thursday, staff from the Montpellier University Hospital received a note signed by the senior health manager of the Emergency Department, with these very firm recommendations, with bold phases underlined: “As a reminder, you are not allowed to give information to journalists or to communicate on anything, both daily and in times of health crisis (…) The same is true for social networks in which we find information concerning the deployment of means to respond to this health situation: it is strictly forbidden to communicate at any level whatsoever! “

The message is clear: next time, we will close the Facebook pages of certain services. Well, just the same story not to undermine the morale of the white coats that are already black, the administrative head of the Emergency Department, admits to being “very proud of everyone and extremely grateful for your mobilization and your investment”. Phew … But, these notes weigh on morale, already very low.

Some employees say they are stunned, others shocked to undergo such treatment in the middle of a deep health crisis, where the emergency is elsewhere. It is obviously not the same in the hierarchical sphere of the Montpellier and Nîmes teaching hospitals.

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61 deaths

According to the bulletin of the Regional Health Agency -ARS- Occitanie communicated this evening, there were 61 deaths in the 13 departments of the region, including 18 in Hérault and 6 in Gard. Two new elderly residents of the Aiguueres nursing home in Mauguio died on Thursday.

Here is the table of the newsletter:

The point tonight
The point tonight (© ARS)

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