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After just over a week of knowing the positive result of his coronavirus test, the former president Álvaro Uribe announced that he has already overcome the disease.

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Through his Twitter account, the head of the Democratic Center not only took the opportunity to thank the staff who attended him, but also to send a message about the process that has it under assurance measure at your home.

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Great virus of magistrates Barceló and Reyes, youth Farc, fighting it with an antibiotic of the truth

“Thank God I overcame coronavirus, thank you dear doctors, thank you Sura, I hope to overcome a lag of physical weakness. Great virus of magistrates Barceló and Reyes, Farc youth, fighting it with the truth antibiotic. For the sake of the freedom of Colombia to jail” the former head of state tweeted.

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It is worth remembering that César Augusto Reyes Medina is the magistrate in charge of two investigations against Uribe and he was the one who heard him in the investigation. In addition, Reyes screened the presentation discussed by the Court last week, which resulted in the house-to-jail order against the head of the Democratic Center.

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How was Uribe infected?

The former president has been locked up at his El Ubérrimo farm in rural Montería for more than a month. According to people close to the ex-president, the contact he has had with people outside the property has been very scarce. That means that visits were significantly reduced.

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What EL TIEMPO learned is that some people who were close to the ex-president even talk about two members of your security scheme, would have tested positive for covid, which suggests that the contagion may have come from there for the former president. Officially on this there has been no confirmation.

The truth is that the result of the test was known last Wednesday, just a day after the Supreme Court of Justice issued the house arrest order against the former president.

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Also, It transpired that their sons, Tomás and Jerónimo, also tested positive in the tests they performed.

The senator and leader of the Democratic Center was known, in principle, that he was asymptomatic and in good health. According to the scientific literature that has been built on the new coronavirus, about 80 percent of all diagnosed cases in the world have been asymptomatic. Or in other words, people become infected with the virus, but they do not develop ailments, although they do have the same transmission capacity as those who do get sick.

However, this Friday, in his recovery announcement, Uribe made it clear that the virus produced a physical weakness that still persists.

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This is how the political scene remains after the arrest of Uribe


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