Coronavirus. Cloth masks would not protect teachers enough

Are teachers sufficiently protected from their students, when the epidemic of Covid-19 spreads ? 32 establishments and 524 classes, have already closed, according to the report drawn up Thursday morning September 10, by the government spokesperson, Gabriel Attal. No, denounces the SNUipp, the first union of school teachers in a press release: Contrary to what it had been said previously, the pupils are contaminated and contaminants, it is urgent to take measures to protect all the personnel and the pupils in the schools.

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“Insufficient protection”

All teachers were given cloth masks at the start of the school year. Problem, according to the Regional Health Agency (ARS) of Brittany, the latter would constitute “Insufficient protection for children”. The ARS therefore recommends that schools “To equip their staff with surgical masks”. Otherwise, teachers will be considered at risk if a child in their class tests positive for Covid-19; all the children in a class will be considered at risk if a teacher tests positive for Covid-19.

Contacted by West France, the ARS Brittany states that it does notonly apply the protocol defined by Public Health France ”. The latter specifies that in the absence of a hygiaphone or glass separation, which is obviously the case in a class, only the surgical mask or FFP2or the general public mask manufactured according to the Afnor standard or equivalent are considered “Effective protection measures”.

No problem a priori, since teachers are well equipped with Afnor standard masks. Except that Public health France specifies that this type of fabric mask is only effective if it is carried by the case and the contact ”.In other words, in the case of a class, by the teacher and the student. Now the children of under 11 are not required to wear a mask. Hence the recommendation made to teachers to wear only fabric masks.

Is this instruction general? “We don’t know how the other ARS communicated on the subject. There is no Breton peculiarity. Once again, we are only relaying and clarifying the health protocol of Public Health France ”, answers ARS Bretagne. The SNUipp asks the Minister of National Education, Jean-Michel Blanquer to “Immediately implement this recommendation in all schools”.



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