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A marriage

Naples, 11 October 2020 – The Campania it remains noted special for the number of Coronavirus infections (in the last 24 hours they are registered 633 new positives on 9,232 swabs and two deaths). And, while you wait for the new Dpcm which could place limits on private parties in public places, from province of Naples comes the news of a outbreak which originated precisely from a wedding with 200 guests. In Monte di Procida, in the last few hours, 13 positive cases were recorded, all related to the event, held at the beginning of the week in a room in the nearby municipality of Bacoli.

Coronavirus, the bulletin of 11 October

Last Friday, at the first signs of fellow citizens who reported symptoms of Covid and aware of the massive participation of families in the mega-party, Mayor Giuseppe Pugliese has the municipal territory is ‘armored’ closing schools, public and private parks, gaming and betting rooms and clubs for the elderly, also prohibiting both competitive and amateur sports activities, with the aim of curbing the spread of the contagion.

Faced with the escalation of infections in the last few hours, the mayor has the closing order extended and ban on everything next Tuesday. Asl Napoli2 Nord, to meet the critical issues that emerged today, set up an extraordinary buffer point at the Town Hall. All wedding participants will be screened. The aim is to check their health conditions and to be sure about infections. Since the beginning of August, only 14 positive cases had been ascertained in the municipality of Phlegraean.

Interior Ministry, mandatory mask for outdoor motor activity

The numbers of the Coronavirus in Campania

Meanwhile, today the growth of contagion in the region: in 24 hours there are others 633 positives (yesterday 664, two days ago 769) out of 9,232 swabs (yesterday 9,031, two days ago 9,549) and two deaths. The total of positives in Campania is 18,530 units; that of the swabs is 682.704. There were 128 healed of the day. The report on beds on a regional basis indicates 110 intensive care places in total, 61 intensive care beds occupied. The total hospital beds are 820 while the hospital beds occupied are 664.

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