Coronavirus Burgos: Covid continues to decline in Burgos with six new positives and no deaths

The province of Burgos improves all covid indicators and infections continue to decline. / BC

Health notifies nine active outbreaks in the province with 101 cases associated with them

Patricia Car

Covid continues to decline in Burgos, which today registers only six new positive cases, all of them diagnosed the day before. Also, in the last 24 hours
there have been no deaths associated with the infectionTherefore, the total number of deaths in the province since the pandemic broke out remains at 792.

To these victims should be added part of the deaths registered in the homes for the elderly and dependents of the Board in Burgos where, until now,
385 residents have lost their lives with diagnosed covid-19 and another 109 with symptoms compatible with the disease, but without diagnosis. Part of these deaths are already included in the hospital statistics as they have been previously admitted.

On the other hand, Health reports nine coronavirus outbreaks in the province, with 101 cases associated with them and under surveillance by the epidemiology services. Thus,
52,118 people from Burgos have been infected since March 2020.

Non-vaccination makes children under 12 years of age lead the infections

The decrease in the number of positives registered in recent days has allowed other indicators, such as the accumulated incidence, to continue their downward trend. According to the latest update of data from the Board, the province maintains a cumulative incidence of 68.5 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the last fourteen days, which places it very close to the ‘Low’ level of health risk. A level at which, by the way, there are already other indicators, such as the cumulative incidence at seven days, which is 18.73 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

Covid in Burgos hospitals

The downward trend in the incidence of covid has also been noted in Burgos hospitals. At this time, there are 14 people admitted with the infection in the plant in the province.

11 of them are in the University Hospital of Burgos, one more in the Santiago ApĆ³stol de Miranda de Ebro and another two in the Santos Reyes de Aranda de Duero. Seven people remain in the critical unit for critically ill patients with coronavirus disease.



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