Coronavirus: Benigànim will remain confined for another week | Radio Valencia

The Ministry of Universal Health and Public Health, has extended for 7 more days the exceptional measures adopted for the municipality of Benigànim as a consequence of the health crisis situation caused by covid-19 and after analyzing the epidemiological reports on the incidence of the virus.

The councilor, Ana Barceló, has indicated that “the measures will continue to be in force in the municipality for another week to safeguard and protect health of all the neighbors and prevent the spread of the virus.

The head of Health has highlighted that “the epidemiological situation it has improved, although not enough to lift the measures adopted to contain and prevent the virus.

In this way, through a new resolution, it is again specified that the confinement is perimeter to the population of Benigànim, allowing, in any case, the movement of residents within the municipality; a maximum of 10 people is established in meetings of a social or family nature and acts of worship will be held up to a third of the capacity of these places, always respecting the safety rules of use of the mask and social distancing. The resolution will enter into force starting at midnight on Tuesday.

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