Coronavirus, Benetollo invites healthcare volunteers to get the vaccine and Ferro blocks them. Demagri: ” Treated as second-class sanitary ware ”. Coppola: “ This is how distrust is created ”

TRENTO. And to think that everything had already been arranged: ” I’m at the Federation 328 vaccines were assigned which will be integrated in the coming weeks until indicatively about 500”. And then again: ” The vaccinations for the staff of the federation will start on Saturday 16 January at 2 pm and will continue with a schedule already agreed for a total of 41 rounds (slots) of 8 vaccinations simultaneously ”.

And to think that the 4th of Januaryor it was the general manager of Apss Pierpaolo Benetollo to invite the world of social and health volunteers and therefore Red Cross, White Cross, Golden Star, Sick Transport who for months have been at the forefront especially for the transport of Covid patients, to do the paperwork to take part in the upcoming vaccination campaign. ‘‘Start with the health service operators – he wrote – has a double positive meaning: protects our health and that of our families, put so much at risk in this year, allowing you to work more peacefully; Moreover, represents the great opportunity to be an example for the whole population, which will be able to adhere with greater confidence to the vaccine when it is called to do so. In this context all rescue volunteers are also included who work together with professionals in dealing with the pandemic and It is with great pleasure that I inform you that with the support of the Red Cross vaccination sessions will be organized for all of you shortly”.

In short, all ready and all ready. Volunteers who, as asked by them Benetollo, non they looked forward to doing their part and to put safety for their own health and that of their familiesand joining the vaccination campaign. Then, however, a 4 days from the start already fixed with a lot of documents sent to the volunteers to be filled in and a fixed calendar with subdivision by territory and association (see below) the APSS reversed. This time, however, it was not Benetollo who exposed himself, after having made the most classic “Annunciation Annunciation! “. The medical director had to intervene Apss Antonio Ferro who on January 12 wrote that ”the vaccination of Red Cross personnel, must be postponed and carried out as soon as we are certain of the number of doses available for Trentino and according to the priorities defined by the presidential task force ”.

The matter spoke yesterday the Dolomites (HERE ARTICLE) and were immediately deposited two questions in the provincial council. Lucia Coppola gods Gave in his document he specified that ” those who intended to undergo the vaccination had to signal their intention by email by 7 January. The invitation stated that there was no limit to the number of operators who could join. Who had joined would have been contacted from the vaccines office by telephone. The On January 7, the names were communicated to the Red Cross of those who had joined the vaccination. The January 10, the Red Cross contacted the members, setting the date of the appointment next week ”. And he concluded by asking Fugatti if he is aware or not of the fact that ” episodes of this kind create a climate of great distrust of the population in the health system ” and again ” how it is possible ” what happened and if he does not consider it ‘ ‘very serious considering that every day these people come into contact with the sick, including Covid, bringing them help’ ‘.

Paola Demagri of the Patt, on the other hand, to whom the volunteers had already addressed in recent days, he asked Fugatti ” why the vaccination campaign for health volunteers and all the associations of the Trentino Social and Health Volunteer Federation was suspended ” and ” if the health volunteers are considered at risk for exposure to the Covid-19 coronavirus ”. He also asked ” when the vaccine campaign will be resumed also for the health volunteers of the Trentino associations ” adding that ” immediately the people involved felt abused by a system that first involved them and then downloaded them without providing an explanation. It is legitimate to ask why this choice has come about, if due to a problem in the supply of the doses (even if we imagine that the quantity had been communicated in advance by the supplier) or if there was too much haste, lack of coordination or poor planning on the part of those in charge of the vaccination campaign ”.

” There is in our opinion – concludes Demagri in the document also signed by the other Patt directors who sit in the Chamber, Ugo Rossi and Michele Dallapiccola – a lack of respect towards the associations and the work they have done in recent months against the spread of the pandemic, but also of the work of the last few days to prepare the documentation to be produced which at this point is useless. It is unfortunate to observe that these people instead of feeling protected by the company and considered important in the Trentino health system, they are discharged as series b sanitary ware, called to respond when the system needs them but abandoned when instead they should be protected together with their families for a service they perform with passion and totally free”.

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