Coronavirus among acting legends: STAŠOVÁ MADE FREJA!

Due to a positive test for covid-19 Simona Stašová The ABC Theater canceled the performance last week. And given that s Frejem they tried the game On the Golden Lake, it couldn’t have turned out otherwise. “I got infected by Simona Stašová,” said Aha! Frej. The actress tried to bring him back to life after pancreatic cancer took his life partner Gabinka a month ago. “She didn’t deserve to leave so young. I will do everything to make Lada have the desire to live, “Stašová described, adding that the theater will definitely help him.

Stašová after losing in Lviv: I am a theater, my energy is not visible on the screen!

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But it seems that work after Frej has gone through it all will not be his driving force. “I’m in a strict hermitage clause, I don’t associate with anyone. I don’t think about playing the state I’m in, it’s not physically good for me to jump on stage. We will see how it turns out after the flu, so I call it, “described the actor, who was left completely alone to his grief after Gabinka’s death. Fortunately, the coronavirus does not have a difficult course in his case. “I’m home, we’ll see what the tests show,” Frej added.

Who else is isolated?
Hana Zagorová (74), singer
She ended up in the hospital with coronavirus and forty fevers.

Stefan Margita (64), opera singer
He also has a covid, but with a slight course, he is treated at home.

Lucie Bílá (54), singer
She announced her mandatory quarantine last Wednesday.

Ivana Andrlová (59), actress
He has a coronavirus, now he is in isolation.

I’m working Knot (80), sexologist
He has a coronavirus, now he is in isolation.

Mahulena Bočanová (53), actress
In quarantine, the covid test is negative.

Klára Doležalová (46), moderator
In quarantine, the covid test is negative.

Ladislav Frej in The Mad Princess Sadly: What is his biggest problem?

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