Coronavirus. Americans urged to forgo Halloween celebrations

In the closet, princess costumes, Batman costumes and masks from Donald Trump : the health authorities have this year called the Americans to forgo the very traditional Halloween celebrations and to stay wisely at home to ward off the specter of coronavirus.

On the evening of October 31, millions of American children have the custom of wearing more or less frightening outfits and going door to door to ask local residents for sweets, by throwing the magic phrase: trick or treat (trick or treat).

High risk of the coronavirus spreading

The Covid-19 pandemic will shake up Halloween this year. Many traditional Halloween activities can pose a great risk of spreading viruses, underline the Centers for prevention and fight against diseases (CDC) in a press release.

The health authorities therefore recommend that parents do not organize costume parties in closed spaces and even prohibit their children from parading in the neighborhood to obtain sweets.

Go to a haunted house where people can be crowded and screaming is not a good idea this year, insist the CDC.

To celebrate Halloween safely, Americans are encouraged to carve pumpkins at home and hold virtual costume contests.

Los Angeles has given up on taking restrictions

And if the Halloween call is really too loud, the CDC says a candy hunt one-way or disguised parades that respect physical distancing present a risk moderate.

Los Angeles County, a major hotbed of the pandemic on the West Coast, initially announced a ban on all Halloween-related group activities, including the infamous trick or treat. But faced with the outcry over this decision, the authorities quickly changed their minds, contenting themselves with saying that they were not not recommended.

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