Coronavirus: a nurse from Rawson Hospital tested positive

In the daily report of confirmed coronavirus cases in the province of Córdoba, the Córdoba Ministry of Health reported 10 new positives on Wednesday: nine from close contact with already confirmed cases and one from health personnel.

This Thursday it was revealed that he is a nurse who works at the Rawson Hospital in the city of Córdoba and at the Sanatorio Parque in the San Vicente neighborhood, which led to a test operation in the places where he works for the nurse.

Miguel Díaz, director of the Rawson, confirmed to The voice that the team that worked together with the diagnosed nurse is in isolation and is undergoing testing, as provided by the protocol.

“As established in the protocol, personnel have been isolated to carry out swabs and quarantine, and we are working with a replacement team as planned,” Díaz said.

And he specified that there is also a team of eight people testing the contacts that the nurse had at the Sanatorium Park.

The nurse works in the Rawson and in a private sanatorium (File).


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