Coronavirus: a designer has found the solution for restaurants

In order to allow restaurants to ensure respect for social distancing while performing the service, a French designer has designed plexiglass bells that hang from the ceiling.

Each client thus finds themselves under a large visor, open at the back to facilitate access and avoid a feeling of suffocation. He can dine or have a drink quietly without risking micro-droplets from his table neighbors. It will probably be necessary to speak a little louder between guests to be able to dialogue.

© Christophe Gernigon Studio

He’s the designer decorator Christophe Gernigon who is behind the project, called Plex’Eat. “I was worried about the restaurateurs. I then thought of a device that would allow us to find conviviality around a table but without taking any risks“He explains.

The idea came from an armchair discovered in a concept store in Asia, overhung by a bell, which allowed to listen to music quietly.

At the moment Plex’Eat is only at the project stage. An industrialist contacted the designer to study a possible marketing. For Christophe Gernigon, it is too early to have an estimate of the price of each protection.

© Christophe Gernigon Studio

The restaurateurs, who are still in the dark about a reopening date, are currently working on the sanitary measures necessary to welcome customers again. They could be sensitive to this project.

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