Coronavirus, 28,337 cases with 188,747 swabs. 562 deaths. In the last week 13 thousand infections ascertained in less than the previous seven days

Are the 28,337 new cases of coronavirus ascertained in Italy in the last 24 hours against 188.747 processed swabs. I dead I’m 562. After the braking of the last few days, they start to increase again terapie intensive, with a balance between inputs and outputs of +43 number of beds occupied, and the total number of people hospitalized in the Covid departments with +216. The total number of infections between Monday e Sunday is for the first time lower than in the previous week: in the last 7 days – with 7 thousand more tampons carried out – were 230.349 the diagnoses of positive ascertained, last week had been 243.444.

A contraction of the 5 percent, after a month in which growth rates had risen above 80 percent in the weekly comparison. The relationship between positives and swabs effected that settles at 15,3% (-0.9), while the ratio between discovered infections and tested cases still grows slightly (28.4% with an increase of 0.4). The worst figure on a weekly basis is that of deaths: from Monday they were 4.594, in the previous seven days they had been 3.835.

The Region with the greatest increase in the space of 24 hours remains there Lombardy with 5.094 new positives, followed by Campania (3.217) e Veneto (2,956). Over 2 thousand cases have also been ascertained in Emilia Romagna (2.665), Piedmont (2.641) e Lazio (2,533), while the Tuscany stops at 1.929. Stable there Puglia with 1.327 new positives and the Sicily with 1.258 contagion. Molise (93), Valle d’Aosta (99), the Province of Trento (159) and la Basilicata (206) are the only areas with less than 400 new infections traced.

The more than 28 thousand cases today bring the total of infections ascertained from the beginning of the pandemic to 1.408.868. The currently positive they break through 800 thousand with 805.947 people who are infected. Of these 767.867 found in home isolation, while over 38 thousand are assisted in hospital. In 34.279 I’m hospitalized with symptoms in Covid departments e 3.801 I am in intensive care, nearly one in three in Lombardy e Piedmont, which matter respectively 949 e 398 occupied resuscitation beds.

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