Coronavirus, 1 dead and 3 discharged today at the Reggio Calabria Reunites. The hospitalized are 122, another 5 transferred to the Gioia Tauro hospital

21 November 2020 22:11

Coronavirus: 311 subjects were screened for Covid-19 today at the Reggio Calabria Reunites, of which 9 tested positive

The Business Management of the GOM “Bianchi Melacrino Morelli” of Reggio Calabria reports that in the last twenty-four hours there has been a death. This is a 64-year-old man with other severe pathologies concomitant with COVID-19 infection. The GOM joins the pain of the family members and offers them the most sincere condolences. Today 311 subjects were screened for COVID-19, of which 9 tested positive. Following 11 hospitalizations, 3 discharges and 5 transfers to the Gioia Tauro hospital, 122 CoViD-19 positive patients are admitted to the hospital: 46 are in ordinary hospitalization in the Infectious Diseases Operating Unit, 43 in Pneumology, 23 in emergency medicine and 10 in ICU. The patients accepted so far by the GOM are 353 (of these, 6 have had a double hospitalization for a total of 359 hospitalizations). The patients who died are 51. Clinically cured patients are 148. Thirty-two patients transferred to another hospital. The Management of the GOM continues to recommend, especially in this moment of serious emergency, compliance with the contagion prevention measures, in particular remembering to respect interpersonal distance as well as to maintain responsible social behavior to protect everyone’s health. For the prevention and monitoring of the infection it is strongly recommended to use the “Immuni” app promoted by the Ministry of Health. For information or in case of suspicious symptoms, contact the ministerial toll-free number 1500 and the toll-free number 800 76 76 76 of the Calabria Region.

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