Coronanieuws: health and safety reporting 91 of the new infections, in the last thuisconcert O G3NE

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In this liveblog, we took you to on Saturday, at the top of the latest information and news on the coronacrisis.

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The main facts at a glance:

  • The GOVERNMENT has made on Saturday with 91 new coronabesmettingen well-known.
  • In Europe there are, so far, more than 2.5 million infections are recorded.
  • Blood bank is Responsible for, it is asked in a large-scale plasma was recovered from the coronapatiënten to collect it.
  • Check out all the news about the corona virus on our theme site.

The Night of the Refugee, was not in her usual way due to the corona virus, however, attracted She is to her pair of walking shoes.

At 20: 00
The women of the O G3NE have a Saturday night in their last thuisconcert in a series of three. Fans were able to buy tickets online, look for the singing sisters.

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According to the National Coordination centre for Patients in Range (LCPS), there are currently 57 patients treated with the corona in the intensive cares of the Dutch hospitals. That is, there are as many as the day before. In the wards of the hospitals, there are 220 people with a Covid-19 is a disease created by the corona virus that is causing, there are fifteen less than last Friday.

The number of identified cases of infection with the corona virus in Europe, of the 2.5 million that passed through, says French news agency (AFP), on the basis of its own survey. More than half of the cases have been reported in Russia, and the United Kingdom, Spain, and Italy, and the AFP had sat night 192.158 killing in Europe since the outbreak of the virus. In the United Kingdom, with a 42.461 most of the deaths, followed by Italy with 34.561, and Spain, with a 28.315 of the deceased.

There have been, in the past 24 hours, 91 newly infected with the feline corona virus is registered in the Netherlands, report for the institute for public health. In total, 49.502, people in our country have tested positive for the virus. The number of deaths as a result of corona is now, 6089, which is an increase of eight deaths.

In the netherlands there were 4 infections in the. So far, the virus from 9675 to people in our province to be established. The small number of deaths is, according to the institute for public health and 1532, and one death, more than for Friday.

Since the beginning of the coronacrisis are 11.846 coronapatiënten been admitted to the hospital. Compared to yesterday, there were two shots. In the netherlands the end of 2774 people as a result of the longvirus in the hospital.

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Check out the below graph shows the daily number of coronadoden in the Netherlands.

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The German army was forty people in the place, Rheda-Wiedenbrück to be sent out to help in the fight against an outbreak of the corona virus at a slaughterhouse is. There were 25 military personnel on.

It’s going to be the slaughterhouse Tönnies, one of the largest in the country and is a market leader in the processing of hogs. Last week, it was discovered that out of the 1050 employees who were tested, there are 657 the feline corona virus within the members we had. The authorities have carried up to 7000 people on the inside continue to be.

In the netherlands, there were earlier outbreaks in slaughterhouses in the World, and There. In the city of Helmond was in the business Of Harvesting the Meat is on the 28th of may, closed after employees have tested positive to the virus. Since Tuesday, running a business at a normal capacity. At the meat processing company Vion in Boxtel, the netherlands, the public health service at the beginning of this month, after a survey of 18 of the 105 staff members became infected.

12: 30 p.m.
A planned demonstration on Sunday in Amsterdam, at the coronamaatregelen of the government may be unable to continue. The safety region Amsterdam-Amstelland and has over is forbidden. Previously banned in the Hague, The netherlands, as a demonstration.

The new Kar Wash for that shopping cart in this coronatijd to be cleaned up – it is very popular with customers of Albert Heijn supermarkets in the World. The film, which is the grocery store this was as well. “In the meantime, it is our film, more than 250,000 views on various social media sites”, says a spokesperson for the Boxtelse AH know.” “There is interest from all over Europe and in the USA!!!”

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The Minister, Hugo Young (HEALTH, welfare and sport) has a blood bank is Responsible is asked to take on a large-scale plasma was recovered from the coronapatiënten to collect it. This is a plasma that contains neutralizing antibodies that may be used for the treatment of the corona virus, or to prevent the people from being infected.

The Netherlands is also under-rated is the feline corona virus at the end of last year, reared its head in China. The illusion is that our country was well-prepared and led to the inschattingsfouten, and a fatal blind-spots, it is evident from more than one hundred calls, that is, the NRC, conducted with dozens of subjects.

The Dutch fa (KNVB) did you have a good plan in order, starting from 1 september, with the matches in English football once again part of the audience to work with. One and a half metres away in the stadium, it is possible, in the Place, mayor Hubert Bruls in The news of the world. There are no full grandstands, however, there may be thousands of people inside. That makes a difference financially for the club with a real difference. The plan still needs approval from the cabinet to get it.

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