Corona Virus Kills More Men Than Women? This is the explanation

TRIBUNJABAR.ID, BANDUNG – The corona virus can attack anyone, either Men nor woman, even from adults to children.

However, from the results of the data collection of positive cases Covid-19 in a number of countries, of the number of corona virus patients who have died, most are people Men.

Why does the corona virus kill more men? Here’s the explanation.

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Quoted from Kompas.Com, at the beginning of the incident coronavirus epidemic, data from hospitals in China reveal that the disease Covid-19 more kills Men compared woman.

It turned out that not only in China, these cases were also found in other countries such as South Korea, Italy and the United States.

Launching The Washington Post, (17/10/2020), according to data from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in mid-October, corona virus has killed more Men of woman in the country.

For every 10 women who are claimed to have Covid-19 in the US, 12 men have died.

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This difference is one of the many worrying aspects of corona virus this new type.

Possible causes A group of researchers studying the relationship of gender to disease effects corona virus not surprised and prepared various hypotheses for this incident, one of which was a possible cause related to behavior Men.

Men are more likely to be exposed to the virus because social factors can put them in more contact with infected people.

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