Corona virus in Hessen ► State Medical Association criticizes triage law |

The State Medical Association welcomes the announced easing

Frankfurt University Hospital and the State Medical Association said in a joint statement on Friday that they welcomed the state’s push to lift the isolation requirement. “In view of the decline in the number of infections and the mostly mild course of the disease, we should start treating infections with omicron like another infectious disease,” he says.

Regarding transmission within hospitals, a lot has been learned in the last two and a half years: data showed that the risk of infection is low “if there is mutual protection through surgical protection of the mouth and nose” . The country had provided a limited mask requirement for corona-infected people as an example of a new measure instead of the general isolation requirement.

A high number of flu infections and resulting further employee absenteeism are expected this year. “We don’t want colleagues to come to work sick,” says Jürgen Graf, medical director of the university clinic. “But we want them to come if they feel healthy enough to work despite evidence of SARS-CoV-2.” This way the clinic, as part of the critical infrastructure, can continue to work even with many infected employees.

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