Corona virus in Europe: – Here the infection increases:

The corona virus is ravaging the world, and a number of countries are in the middle the third wave of infection.

Hungary, Estonia and Uruguay are the countries that are now experiencing the greatest infection pressure in the world.

The figures are based on the number of corona infections per 100,000 inhabitants in the last 14 days, and taken from Johns Hopkins University Numbers Overview.

Strong increase in infection

In fourth place is Poland. As a result of a sharp increase in infection during Easter, the country’s hospitals are being overloaded.

Recently, more than 35,000 new cases of infection were registered in the country for two days in a row, and the authorities have introduced new strict measures to try to control the infection.

Among other things, new restrictions were introduced to prevent large gatherings of people in connection with the Easter celebration.

– Very serious

EXTRAORDINARY: Immunologist Antony Fauci reviewed data on the vaccination against the coronavirus, and commented on what he described as “extraordinary” results. Video: AP / NTB
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Then the news agency AP recently visited a hospital in the city of Bochnia, about 40 kilometers east of Kraków, almost all the hospital beds were filled.

82-year-old Edward Szumanski is one of the patients at the hospital, and is worried that some will still not take the virus seriously.

– The disease is definitely there, and it is very serious. Those who have not gone through it, and those who do not have it in the family may be fooling themselves, but the reality is different, he says to AP.

– The situation is difficult

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And Poland is not the only country struggling.

The hospitals in northern Macedonia are also filling up. The same thing is happening in Ukraine.

– The hospitals are almost full. The situation is difficult, says the mayor of the capital Kiev, Vitali Klitschko, about the growing infection in the city according to the AP.

In Kiev, stricter infection control measures have been introduced in the hope of stopping the spread of infection. The city’s schools will be closed for the next two weeks, and only people with special permits can take public transport.

– Risks losing control

Also in France, the mutated virus variants spread rapidly.

France’s health minister, Oliver Veran, warned on Monday that the number of patients in the intensive care unit could reach levels from April last year.

– The epidemic is accelerating due to the variant (the British virus variant, editor’s note), which means that we risk losing control, President Emmanuel Macron has stated.

This Easter weekend French hospitals called in extra staff to keep up with a growing number of corona patients.

THIRD WAVE: In France, the mutated virus variants spread rapidly.  Photo: NTB / Reuters / Pascal Rossignol
THIRD WAVE: In France, the mutated virus variants spread rapidly. Photo: NTB / Reuters / Pascal Rossignol
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– We have to stake out a new course. We must not give in to panic, to denial. To continue to protect lives now, everyone must go the extra mile in the coming months, President Macron said at the time.

Jean-François Timsit, head of an emergency department at a hospital in Paris, said according to Reuters that the coming month will be “infernal” due to the third wave.

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Reopens society

There is still a big difference from country to country.

As several countries fight for control of the infection, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson, announced that they gradually easing restrictions.

From Monday 12 April, the UK will move to step two of the reopening, which means that the population can go to pubs, restaurants and gyms.

Johnson said at a press conference on Monday night that the country’s population has been good, and at the same time revealed that he will be among those who will go to the pub when the restrictions are eased next Monday.

“I’m going to the pub and have a beer,” Johnson said during the press conference.

OPENS: Britain opens society again and on Monday 12 April, Prime Minister Boris Johnson will go to a pub and drink beer. Video: AP
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New restrictions

From last Monday, six people from two different families could be met outdoors in the UK, and outdoor sports such as tennis, golf and swimming were allowed. People were not asked to stay at home. In addition, it was allowed to arrange weddings with a maximum of six people.

CORONA-EKSPERIMENT: Here, Barcelona tests the virus in a slightly untraditional way on Saturday 27 March. Video: Catalunya Informacio / Twitter. Reporter: Anton Lier / Dagbladet TV.
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The goal of the government is to be able to lift all infection control restrictions on 21 June. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have their own plans for when the restrictions there will be lifted.

Serbia has also now eased its infection control measures. This is despite the fact that the country is experiencing a high number of new infections.

The reopening plan comes on Wednesday

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In Norway, infection rates rose sharply in the weeks before Easter. In the last 24 hours, 573 new corona infections have been registered in Norway. That is one less than the day before and 416 fewer than the same day last week.

The health authorities have nevertheless expressed concern that the Easter holidays may have resulted in fewer tests.

Sunday The national measures in Norway were extended by another two days, until 14 April.

On Wednesday, Erna Solberg presents her reopening plan for Norway. The confirmed the Prime Minister’s office to Dagbladet on Sunday night.

The Prime Minister will present the reopening plan to the Storting on Wednesday morning, and to the population as a whole later the same day.

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