Corona Virus Cases Rise Again, Spain Again Announces Emergency Situation

MADRID, – For the second time, Spanish declare emergencies on Sunday (25/10/2020) due to an increase in cases corona virus.

In the announcement made by Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, this extraordinary situation will apply for the next six months.

Based on a statement from PM Sanchez, the state of emergency will be applied in all regions of Spain except the Canary Islands.

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Reported The Sun Monday (26/10/2020), the regulation requires a curfew with the number of meetings limited to six people.

The agenda actually only lasted two weeks. But Sanchez asked parliament to extend it to May 9 next year.

Implementing tightening health protocols to prevent the coronavirus requires parliamentary approval to last every 15 days.

“Currently, the conditions we are facing are so extreme. This condition is the most serious health crisis for the past 100 years,” said Sanchez.

Extreme situation

In Sanchez’s statement after chairing a cabinet meeting, travel to various regions in Spain would be prohibited under this rule.

Each area of ​​”Matador Country” must have a curfew between 11pm and 6am, but there is a flexibility of one hour.

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Catalan is said to be the region that applied the condition earlier on Sunday, where they imposed a curfew starting at 22.00.

Then based on the enforcement of health protocols, every shop or entertainment location for the public must be closed by 21:00 at the latest.

PM Sanchez called on the public to stay home as long as possible, so that they do not get infected Covid-19.

“The longer we are at home, the less we interact with people, the smaller the potential for transmission,” said Sanchez.

Spain was one of the countries in Europe worst affected by Covid-19 in early 2020, where they immediately imposed a lockdown.

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Now that they have relaxed their social boundaries, the country in the Iberian Peninsula is facing a second wave of corona.

“This second wave has become a reality. It is no longer a reality,” said Health Minister Salvador Illa at a press conference in Madrid.

Canary Islands vice president Roman Rodrigyez tweeted that he was “satisfied” that his territory had not been included in the regulation.

Even so, Rodrigyez called on residents in the area which is a world tourist destination not to relax their guard.

Moreover, now Spain has recorded one million cases of the corona virus, with the death toll reaching 34,752 people.

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