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Corona vaccination bonus of a special kind: In New York there were free joints for vaccinated people – news abroad

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Cannabis present for corona vaccinated people: A special kind of vaccination bonus has been distributed in New York!

Anyone who was able to present proof of at least one corona vaccination syringe was allowed to pick up a free joint on Tuesday.

However, this was not a state bonus, but an initiative by activists who wanted to celebrate the recently decided legalization of cannabis as a luxury item in the state of New York. A similar distribution campaign took place in the US capital Washington.

“This is the first time that we can sit around and legally distribute joints to people,” Michael O’Malley, one of the organizers of the Joints for Jabs campaign in New York’s Union Square, told AFP . “We support the efforts of the federal government to get vaccinations. And we’re also trying to get them to legalize weed nationwide. “

People queued for the marijuana cigarettes in the sunshine, but they didn’t have to wait longer than ten minutes.

Photo: Mark Lennihan / AP

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People stood in line for the unusual vaccination bonusPhoto: Mark Lennihan / AP

38-year-old Sarah Overholt got two joints for herself and her 70-year-old mother after showing the two certificates of vaccination. “I smoke every day,” she said of her cannabis use. “And I’m a better person when I smoke, believe me.”

She thinks the corona vaccinations are important, said Overholt. People shouldn’t get vaccinated just for a joint. “But if it works, then it works,” commented the 38-year-old on the marijuana distribution campaign.

At the end of March, after years of controversy, the New York Parliament paved the way for the legalization of marijuana – and brought New York on its way to the 15th US state, which allows marijuana for free use from the age of 21.


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