Corona today: no special corona department in the St. Antonius Hospital and corona has a home in the catering industry

PROVINCE OF UTRECHT – The number of people with a corona infection also continues to increase significantly in the province of Utrecht. Whether we like it or not, corona is part of everyday life. In our section ‘Corona today’ you will find the most important developments in our region.

The numbers

It is Tuesday again and that means time for it a grade update of the RIVM. And that is something that does not make us happy: there are 2,492 new infections in the province. Last week there were 1620 and the week before 1127.

The number of hospital admissions rose by two to eighteen and last week four people died from the virus. Last week that number was still at zero.


But who is hiding behind all those figures that we see passing by? This often remains hidden, but today is corona recollection day and the victims are given a face.

Under the heading of ‘attention to each other’, Prime Minister Rutte kicked off a period today in which the cabinet wants to reflect on the consequences of the corona crisis.

In a statement, the government writes: “During this period, attention will be paid to each other’s grief, disappointments and other consequences that people experience due to corona. It will also be a time when we will look ahead: how do we help each other through and over again?”

On RTV Utrecht Shari tells about her husband Christian who died of corona:

Shari looks back on the time when she lost her husband

Hospitality professional group with the most positive tests

One in twenty of all catering staff who had themselves tested for corona from June onwards has contracted the virus. This makes the catering industry the professional group with the highest percentage of positive tests. BNR reports this on the basis of analyzes it made of figures from the RIVM. Trade union FNV Horeca says it takes the figures seriously, but also puts them in perspective.

“A large part of the catering staff is young, and they also meet each other in other places, for example at home”, says FNV director Edwin Vlek. “It does not mean that they have actually become infected in the hospitality industry.”

The branch organization Koninklijke Horeca Nederland (KHN) says today that the catering industry is “part of the solution, not the cause of the problem”. According to KHN, it is safe in the catering industry, and there is only a risk of infection of 0.001 percent. “Hospitality entrepreneurs and their employees follow strict protocols and do everything they can every day to offer their guests a safe and hospitable experience.”

Consultation with churches

Everyone can still remember the story of the weekend: packed church services in Staphorst. It was raining criticism and a lot Utrecht churches were angry and disappointed.

After the weekend, Minister Grapperhaus intervened: services may be held with only 30 people and singing is out of the question. This was against the sore leg of the SGP and the ChristenUnie.

These Christian parties want to see if customization is still possible. Grapperhaus is open to this request and on Friday he will speak again with religious umbrella organizations about the impact of the coronavirus on their religious communities.

Utrecht mosques

Utrecht mosques only applaud the consultation of Minister Grapperhaus. They are also in need of clarity.

“Stop all that advice and just make hard policy. Does the government want thirty people in a mosque? Then say it has to. We cannot work with advice without obligation,” said Karim Ennahachi of the Sayidina Ibrahim mosque.

Special department for corona shades or not?

The Diakonessenhuis in Utrecht has again set up a separate department for patients with covid-19. Nine people are currently isolated there. Two other corona patients are in intensive care.

Patients can be treated more efficiently in a so-called ‘cohort ward’, spokesman Arian Kuil said. Het Diak is not the first hospital that is scaling up. The Meander Medical Center in Amersfoort was already doing it before, as was the UMC in Utrecht.

St. Antonius Hospital in Nieuwegein has not set up a special corona department. Corona patients are only nursed in an isolated ward in the ICU. This is partly at the express request of the nurses.

“Because we provide decentralized nursing to patients, we can continue regular patient care as much as possible. We do not have to remove employees from regular departments, which means that these teams can provide less patient care,” said spokesman Sandra van Dulmen in response to questions from RTV Utrecht.

Mouth mask

And in particular can you make wearing compulsory? The mayors of a number of major cities are in favor of a masking obligation, but are waiting for the cabinet to impose such an obligation.

In the meantime, mayor Den Oudsten of Utrecht does not want to get involved in the discussion. “Utrecht follows national policy,” said a spokesman. “Even if the cabinet does not impose an obligation, but it stops at an urgent advice, Utrecht supports this.”

Judicial institutions

Although it is not yet mandatory to wear a (non-medical) mouth mask, this will happen in prison and other judicial institutions. In a letter to the House of Representatives, Minister Dekker writes the following: “The Custodial Institutions Department has decided to do so because employees and visitors frequently enter and leave the institutions and, despite the measures taken, are still able to take the virus inside.”

For the time being, it only concerns employees and not prisoners or detainees as described by the minister. “First of all because of the security within the institution: it is important for DJI employees to be able to identify detainees and to estimate their state of mind based on their facial expressions. In addition, new detainees have already been in isolation for eight days upon arrival. are placed.”

In addition to wearing mouth masks, other measures are also taken, such as limiting the possibilities of taking unaccompanied leave and the visit takes place behind plexiglass after a health check.

Want to read more about the coronavirus in the region? We have collected all the stories and the consequences for the province of Utrecht this one place.


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