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1:25 p.m.: Jusos criticize alcohol ban in Würzburg

The Würzburg Jusos criticize the city of Würzburg’s order to extend the alcohol ban in the city center. Würzburg wants to counter the high number of corona cases, since sources of infection are suspected, especially in the youthful party scene. The Jusos fear that people who want to celebrate will simply move their meetings inside. The risk of infection in the open air is significantly lower, according to the chairman of the Jusos Würzburg, Andre Fleck.

Instead, the Jusos demand neutral contact persons from the city, who should work towards compliance with the minimum distances. “We consider the alcohol ban in certain places in the city center to be a symbolic politics. Rather, the city should finally create alternatives to be able to meet outside while observing the minimum distance,” said Fleck. Many meeting points have been closed for months, which leads to displacement effects in public spaces.

The city of Würzburg had decreed that in the inner city area bordered by the Ringpark as well as in the old Mainviertel up to the Talavera the serving and consumption of food and drinks is prohibited from 10 p.m. until the next morning indoors and outdoors. At the same time, the city has issued an alcohol ban for the entire green space and street area along the Main from Graf-Luckner-Weiher via Mainwiesen and Mainkai as well as the Alte Mainbrücke and Kranenkai to the Alter Hafen car park. After 10 p.m. it is forbidden to drink alcohol there or even to have it with you to drink it there.

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