Corona ticker Lower Franconia: lowest incidence in Bad Kissingen

6:25 a.m.: Bad Kissingen district has the lowest incidence in Bavaria

With a value of 21.3, the Bad Kissingen district currently has the lowest 7-day incidence in all of Bavaria. Since the value in the district was below 35 for three days, the 3G rule does not apply there – however, the district office must first officially order this relaxation. According to the latest figures from the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) on Monday, only the districts of Aschaffenburg and Schweinfurt are currently above the 100 mark in Lower Franconia. In the independent city of Würzburg, the value fell from 103 compared to yesterday (Sun., 12.09) .2 to 97.2.

Since September 2, 2021, the 7-day incidence in Bavaria is no longer an indicator for measures to protect against infection. Instead, the measures are based on the nationwide number of corona cases admitted to hospitals within seven days and the occupancy of the intensive care beds by corona patients. The state government has christened this approach the Hospital Traffic Light.

Only the limit value 35 still plays a role, because the 3G rule applies: If the 7-day incidence exceeds the limit value on three consecutive days, it comes into force. The rules also change downwards if the 7-day incidence was below the corresponding limit value for three days. In Lower Franconia, this is only the case in the Main-Spessart and Bad Kissingen districts.

Here is an overview of all the Lower Franconian numbers:

  • City of Aschaffenburg: 141.1 ↑
  • City of Schweinfurt: 114.4 ↓
  • City of Würzburg: 97.7 ↓
  • Miltenberg district: 84.7 ↑
  • District of Rhön-Grabfeld: 84.3 →
  • District of Schweinfurt: 83.9 ↓
  • Aschaffenburg district: 74.4 →
  • District of Haßberge: 65.3 →
  • District of Würzburg: 65.2 ↓
  • Kitzingen district: 52.3 ↑
  • Main-Spessart district: 31.8 →
  • Bad Kissingen district: 21.3 →


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