Corona ticker Lower Franconia: Corona at the Würzburger Kickers

2 p.m.: Current plans for Lower Franconian Christmas markets

In the Lower Franconian cities, the Christmas markets will take place this year due to Corona. The city of Würzburg is currently still in the planning phase. “We are definitely trying to have a Christmas market,” said a city spokeswoman. Presumably it comes down to a decentralized concept, such as with the alternative of the Kiliani folk festival, in which stalls and rides were distributed over several places in the city center.

The Christmas market in Schweinfurt is also to be straightened out this year. “There is no typical Christmas market as we know it,” says a city spokeswoman. Instead, a “city Christmas” is planned, with stalls spread all over the city center. However, the development of the corona numbers must continue to be monitored and responded accordingly.

The Aschaffenburg Christmas market should also look different this year. As the city announced at the request of the BR, it should not take place on the market square, as usual, but on the festival square. “There is simply more space,” says a spokeswoman for the city. There are fewer stalls with a lot of space in between. In addition, the Aschaffenburg Christmas market is to be held from November 25th to January 6th. Usually the market ends before Christmas. “That is all subject to change.” If the corona numbers continue to rise, it will have to be discussed again.

In particular, smaller Christmas markets cannot take place in Lower Franconia. For example, the Leinacher Waldweihnacht in the district of Würzburg was canceled. Managing director Uwe Klüpfel says: “We do not see ourselves in a position to be able to react appropriately.” The traditional Christmas market in the small Spessart community of Rothenbuch, which attracts up to 20,000 visitors every year, will also not take place in 2020. “Unfortunately, we have not found a concept that can be reconciled with the Corona guidelines,” said the town hall. The Christmas market in Himmelstadt also has to be canceled. The Christmas post office answers the mail to Christkind anyway.

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