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Status: 04/07/2021 6:31 a.m.

With a confirmation via a corona quick test, more could soon be possible again – for example, going to the cinema or shopping. In Hamburg, employers should also be able to issue such test certificates in the future.

All companies should make two corona quick tests per week available to employees who are still working in the companies – i.e. not in the home office. In future, they will also be able to officially certify the results. However, only under certain conditions: There must be official test officers who either carry out the tests or supervise them.

So far only necessary for visiting the hairdresser

For smaller businesses, this is usually not an option. Larger companies now have a bit of lead time to set up such positions. So far, Hamburgers cannot do much with a test certificate. It is only necessary for visiting the hairdresser in the Hanseatic city.

AUDIO: Companies should issue corona test certificates (1 min)

Should shops, cinemas and museums reopen, in Hamburg most likely only people with test confirmation would be allowed in. So far, there are free tests with certificates in almost 150 test centers or pharmacies.

Hairdressers want to offer self-tests under supervision

Hamburg’s hairdressers want to give their customers the opportunity to test themselves for Corona in the salons under supervision. The self-tests are an uncomplicated option for customers and hairdressers, said Guild Master Birger Kentzler. Since Tuesday, only those who can show a negative test can be served in the salons. On the first day with the new rules there were “a bunch of rejections,” said Kentzler. “People call us and are insecure because they don’t know how to behave. Especially the older semesters, who have already been vaccinated twice, express a lack of understanding.”

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