Corona store dies? C&A, Tally Weijl & Galeria Karstadt Kaufhof close branches

More and more companies affected

These companies have to close branches:

The Swiss company Tally Weijl also has to save – and probably close many shops. According to the industry service ‘Textile Industry’, the company needs millions of loans to survive the corona crisis. The savings plans provide for the closure of hundreds of branches, and a third of the employees should go.

The running shoe chain Runners Point closes all branches. The retail group Foot Locker, to which Runners Point belongs, will completely remove the brand from the market. “All branches will be closed,” said a spokesman for the US company. This also applies to the branches in Austria and Switzerland. Almost 900 employees could be affected by the closure.

These companies have already closed numerous branches:

Until 2009 the furniture chain belonged to Ikea, here there was the somewhat more valuable furniture with more style. The branches could usually be found in a prime inner-city location. In December 2018, the German Habitat representative filed for bankruptcy. All 6 branches in Germany were closed. In the UK and France, Habitat fans can still go shopping.

The Strauss Innovation retail chain with around 1100 employees and 77 branches, mainly located in North Rhine-Westphalia, was in trouble in 2015. Finally, after 114 years, the end was: No investor could be found.



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