Corona rules in North Rhine-Westphalia: Owner meetings are possible: Haus & Grund Hilden informed

An updated version of the Corona Protection Ordinance has been in effect in North Rhine-Westphalia since November 10th. In it, at the request of Haus & Grund, the state explicitly made it clear: Apartment owners are also allowed to hold their meetings in November.

Despite the current Corona Protection Ordinance in North Rhine-Westphalia, apartment owners can also hold owner meetings in November. “The state government has made it clear: Meetings of apartment owners’ associations are permitted in NRW with up to 20 people as face-to-face events. This includes owner meetings and advisory board meetings, ”reports Andreas Adán. The chairman of Haus & Grund Hilden adds: “There are also owner associations that are larger. With more than 20 and up to 250 participants, official approval is required to be able to hold the meeting in November. “
It must be justified why the meeting in November must take place as a face-to-face event and with the intended number of participants. “According to the Condominium Act, an owners’ meeting must be held as a face-to-face event,” explains lawyer Adán. “The new condominium law will not come into force until December 1st, which will then, after a decision by the owners, allow participation in the face-to-face meeting via electronic communication if a participant wishes.”

Decide on the necessary measures

The meetings are very important for apartment owners in order to be able to decide on any necessary maintenance measures. “Many owner associations had postponed their meetings in spring to autumn and have to hold them before the turn of the year in order not to violate the law,” he reports. Nevertheless, the owners would also have to find a suitable place for the gathering, usually they choose restaurants for this. “From a purely legal point of view, restaurateurs are allowed to provide rooms for this in November thanks to an exemption”, says Andreas Adán. He hopes that appropriate offers will be found in practice.

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