Corona rules for Christmas and New Years Eve

AIn view of the persistently high number of corona infections, the countries want to extend the partial lockdown until December 20. The prime ministers agreed on this in a switching conference on Monday evening, as the German press agency reported, citing participants. A final decision should be made this Wednesday during the deliberations of the federal and state governments with Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU). With the extension of the measures, the contagion numbers that are still too high should be suppressed. The paper states: “The hoped-for turnaround could not be achieved in November, so far only a“ sideways trend ”has been observed.” The federal states assume that restrictions will be necessary beyond the turn of the year. The next steps should be discussed on December 15th.

These are the tightening and standardization on which the Prime Ministers have agreed according to a draft resolution submitted to the news agencies dpa and Reuters:

From December 1st onwards, stricter ones should be Contact restrictions be valid. “Private get-togethers with friends, relatives and acquaintances are to be limited to one’s own household and to another household, but in any case to a maximum of five people,” says the draft resolution. For this purpose, meetings with up to ten people in a household with non-household family members or people from outside the household should be made possible from December 23 to January 1. Children up to 14 years of age are excluded from this.

The prime ministers also want to talk to the churches about the Christmas services speak. “The federal and state governments will seek talks with the religious communities in order to reach agreements for church services and other religious gatherings with the aim of reducing contact,” the paper says. “Religious get-togethers with the character of large-scale events should be avoided.”

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The Prime Ministers also call on people to do one before the Christmas holidays if possible self-quarantine at home for several days to go. “This can be supported by the Christmas school holidays that may be brought forward from December 19, 2020,” says the federal states’ draft resolution. With the self-quarantine, the risk of corona infections in the area of ​​the celebrations should be kept as low as possible.

The Prime Ministers also propose that the federal and state governments agree on the duration of the domestic quarantine to be shortened in the event of possible infections. They should generally be set to ten days. “With the antigen rapid tests that are now available in larger numbers, a test-based shortening of the quarantine period is possible,” write the prime ministers. A shorter quarantine period relieves the affected citizens and the health authorities and mitigates the economic consequences of quarantine orders for the individual and for the economy.

Catering establishments such as Leisure and cultural facilities should remain closed like since the beginning of November. However, the prime ministers are planning a regional differentiation: If the so-called seven-day incidence falls below 50 infections per 100,000 inhabitants, the federal states may also open facilities earlier, as the paper shows. “This applies as long as other relevant indicators, such as the utilization of intensive care capacities and the ability of the public health service to act, do not conflict with this,” says the draft resolution. Conversely, further tightening should also be possible in corona hotspots. The aid for the affected companies will be extended.

The wholesale and retail trade will remain open. The Mask requirement but will be expanded and will in future also apply in front of retail stores and on parking lots. The population is called upon to do their Christmas shopping during the week as well.



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