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With the new Corona regulation for Lower Saxony, the rules for Christmas markets have also been tightened. With regard to the hospitalization rate, 2G and a mask requirement apply everywhere.

Among other things, the Christmas markets in the have already opened Old town of Hanover, in Osnabrück, Oldenburg and in Hildesheim. Here, as everywhere, the 2G model applies to consumption and rides. Vaccinated and recovered guests receive wristbands. The city of Hanover has announced that it will close all stalls in the event of serious violations of the corona protective measures. In Göttingen the Christmas market has also started. Anyone can stroll here. 2G also applies to drinking mulled wine, eating and the carousels. Stand operators and security services check the ribbons distributed for this purpose. There are also Christmas markets in Wolfsburg, Einbeck, Northeim, Holzminden, Meppen, Uslar, Osterode, Lingen and Nordhorn.

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Here you will find the current values ​​on the status of hospitalization, incidence and occupancy of the intensive care beds. more

Mayors advocated 2G Christmas markets

The Lord Mayor of Lower Saxony had spoken out in favor of Christmas markets with 2G rules on Saturday. They are skeptical of a market rejection. “After a very thorough consultation,” the Lord Mayor’s Conference of the Lower Saxony City Council decided to hold Christmas markets under 2G conditions, said Salzgitter’s Lord Mayor Frank Klingebiel (CDU) on his behalf.

Who pays showmen the damage?

Cancellations would cost the municipalities dearly if they weren’t for the Corona regulation of the country must be covered. According to information from the NDR in Lower Saxony, the cities would then be subject to recourse. No compensation is provided by the state. However, showmen would have the opportunity to apply for funding for fixed costs in accordance with the federal bridging aid III Plus, said the Lower Saxony Ministry of Economics on request. The application deadline is to be extended to the end of March 2022. The Ministry of Economics is also planning “when it comes into force in January 2022 to increase bridging aid III and III Plus for showmen and organizers from funds from the Corona special fund,” said a spokeswoman.

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Visitors to a Christmas market walk past a sign that indicates the 2G rule (only vaccinated and convalescent).  © dpa photo: Oliver Berg

The new Corona regulation has been in effect since Wednesday – with stricter 2G rules in areas of public life. more

Infection risk not acceptable for some municipalities

But not all municipalities want to take avoidable infection risks. In view of the pandemic situation, the event was not sustainable, it was said from Goslar, among others. “With the decision, which was incredibly difficult for us, we are also reacting to the concerns of the players in the Christmas market,” said the managing director of Goslar City Marketing, Marina Vetter. Other municipalities justify their decision in a similar way.

Stand operators say Christmas market in Hann. Mouth off

In Hann. Münden, according to a spokesman for city marketing, the stand operators decided to reject it. They cited the country’s stricter corona requirements as the reason. According to the spokesman, the operators assume that warning level 2 will soon apply, which would mean an FFP2 mask requirement and 2G-Plus for the Christmas market, so that only vaccinated and convalescent people are allowed to enter the Christmas market who also have a daily negative Corona Must submit test. The operators would not have expected the sellers in the stalls to do that, the spokesman said.

Below you will find a list of other canceled Christmas markets. Please note when the article was published and that does not have a complete list.

Canceled Christmas markets in Lower Saxony:

  • Aerzen (Hameln-Pyrmont district)
  • Bockhorn (District of Friesland)
  • Bückeburg – Bückeburg Castle (district of Schaumburg)
  • Cloppenburg
  • Dransfeld (District of Göttingen)
  • Duderstadt (District of Göttingen)
  • Goslar
  • Hann. Münden (district of Göttingen)
  • Kirchhatten (District of Oldenburg)
  • Lehrte (Hanover region)
  • Lingen – cultural Christmas market (Emsland district)
  • Melle-Buer (district of Osnabrück)
  • Neuchâtel (district of Friesland)
  • Nörten-Hardenberg (District Northeim)
  • Northeim – only Christmas crib market
  • Nienhagen (district of Celle)
  • Ostercappeln (district of Osnabrück)
  • Quakenbrück (district of Osnabrück)
  • Rodenberg (district of Schaumburg)
  • Sandkrug (District of Oldenburg)
  • Sögel – Clemenswerth Castle and Heimathof (Emsland district)
  • Stadtoldendorf (district of Holzminden)
  • Wittmund

53 percent against the opening of the Christmas markets

According to a representative survey by Infratest dimap on behalf of NDR Lower Saxony, more than half of Lower Saxony (53 percent) consider opening Christmas markets to be wrong. It is especially the elderly who refuse this offer. The survey was conducted from November 11th to 16th.


The empty Christmas market

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Johannes Avenarius is out and about in Hanover. Wieland Gabcke accompanies inspectors in Göttingen. Is 2G complied with? (22.11.2021) 5 min

Closures for market operations the “financial death knell”

The showmen had defended the opening of the Christmas markets in advance despite rising corona incidence values. In the opinion of the Lower Saxony regional association of market and fairground companies, there is no danger from outdoor events. If the Christmas markets have to close again because of a possible tightening of the corona rules, that would be “the financial death knell for the industry,” said Harald Müller, vice-chairman of the regional association.

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View of the Christmas market in Lueneburg and the illuminated town hall.  © dpa-Bildfunk Photo: Philipp Schulze

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