Corona regulation: religious events more important than education

Roll-ups are untrustworthy if measures are ideologically discriminatory

Vienna (OTS) The “Initiative Religion is a Private Matter” condemns the exception of religious events from the general ban on events presented by Health Minister Anschober yesterday (Saturday) as objectively unjustified, politically motivated and potentially dangerous to the public (Section 13 Paragraph 3 Item 8 of the COVID-19 Protective Measures Ordinance ). “Especially against the background of the emergency situation and the encroachments on fundamental rights contained in this ordinance, as well as various restrictions on professional and social life, this pro-church regulation is incomprehensible,” said initiative spokesman Eytan Reif, surprised. In this context, Reif particularly emphasized the poor treatment of the school sector: “The fact that high school students and their parents are banished to homeschooling while religious events are made possible is breathtaking. Once again it is evident that religion is preferred to education in Austria. The price for this pro-church clientele policy of the Turquoise-Green government is paid by high school students and their parents. It goes without saying that the repeated roll calls by the government against the background of this ideological discrimination are untrustworthy – they rather mock the general public ”.

“The virus doesn’t care where it is. It spreads everywhere by the same mechanisms. It cannot be that ideological privileges call into question measures that demand great efforts and solidarity from all citizens in the interests of the health of all, ”says the general practitioner Dr. Rainer Brandl, who worked as a doctor in Austria as well as in Europe, Africa and Asia – and also in church institutions. According to Brandl, interventions that are considered to be sensible in terms of health policy must apply to everyone. “It cannot be explained that religious events at which there has been demonstrably already broadcasts can take place and other events that would be beneficial for mental health do not take place,” said Brandl.

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